Thursday, April 5, 2007

Grandma's Birthday

Today would have been my Grandma Brown's #82nd Birthday. My Grandma and Grandpa lived in Kansas City all of my life but it seemed like we would see them fairly often. They were always here for our "important" occasions like 8th grade graduation, high school graduation, our weddings, etc! We even went on several family vacations with them. Some of my favorite memories are when my brother and I would go out to Grandma and Grandpa Brown's for 2-3 weeks during the summer! Boy would they ever spoil us kids! We never wanted to come home.

Grandma passed away almost 4 years ago from Pancreatic Cancer. She was quite the fighter and lived much longer than her doctor's expected. We were able to be with her the night she went to see Jesus. I think of my Grandparents often and wish they were still around to see my children. I know my kids would have LOVED them as much as I did. Grandma would have gotten a big kick out of these twins!

I am sure Grandma is having a much better birthday party in Heaven today than she would have ever had down here! Can you imagine celebrating your birthday with Jesus and all the saints?! What a party!

Well, Happy Birthday Grandma. I still think of you often and wish you were here to celebrate your birthday! How about this instead, we'll come see you someday and celebrate with you there! :)
I love you Grandma!
Your Granddaughter,



I was always terrible with dates of anyone's birthday besides our immediate family. What a nice tribute to Grandma. My best childhood memories were in Kansas too. Baseball games, climbing their tree, eating Welch's grape popsicles in the street at dark, playing golf, and on and on. Your blog is awesome. The great thing about it is your kids will be able to look back and see exactly what they were doing when they were little. Keep up the good Jeff


Karen...How sweet! I know Mom would love to read your little blog if she could. She has been on my mind all week...spring time brings back those special memories of her last few weeks. Remember how beautiful it was? Thanks for remembering her...and for being there to help take care of her on her last day. Happy Birthday Mom! Love, Sheila

Nicole Cassady

What a beautiful tribute to your Grandma! I didn't really know her other than seeing her at Bethel a few times. She seemed to be such a graceful lady. Reading your memories, Jeff's and your mom's made me a little teary. Knowing she's with Jesus gives us even more reason to live right so that we can meet her again! Treasure your memories!


Your Grandma Brown was a sweet lady, always smiling. I remember the recipe scrapbook that Carol made for your 30th and I think it is so neat that you have that. Was/is that quilt on your guest bed?

Karen Walden

Yes, she hand made me that quilt in a queen size and I did have it on my guest bed for a little while. One time I had "guests" and went by the room and saw the quilt wadded up on the floor. Now it hangs on a quilt rack on a wall...


Wadded up on the floor?! That's terrible. I don't blame you for hanging it up!