Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jonathan's world is "crushed..."

I had to work all day on Saturday so Jonathan was at home with the kids! He had been sitting in his recliner using his "work" laptop computer and had to put it down to go do something with the kids! He laid it on the floor, evidently, too close to his chair and as he leaned forward...YIKES!!! He heard a "Crack!" He must have placed the edge of the computer right under the corner of his chair! Much to his dismay he now has a completely cracked screen and you can only see about the top 1 1/2 inches of it! The computer still works fine but you just can't see a thing! He immediately got on the phone and called it in so he will have a replacement first thing Monday morning. He simply cannot function without a computer!!!!!



Ha! Serves him right for not getting your laptop this he said he would. Oh well, guess you'll have to climb the stairs to do your blog. Just hope the boss understands!

Love, Mom

Angie Davis

Ouch! That sounds expensive. I thought you were going to say the kids jumped on it. That's what would have happened at my house!


OH! We feel your pain. Travis spill tea on his a few years ago!


Oooops! Did it belong to you or Cummins?


Cummins paid for it!! I was back up and running this morning. They replaced the whole computer, not just the broken screen.