Sunday, April 22, 2007

Petrified kids...

On Saturday evening, we took our vehicle through a "Mike's carwash" in Greenwood! Peyton has always been a little afraid of them and this time he was down right petrified!!! He even made Paige scream! Parker was cracking up at them, and between the screaming, laughing and noisy carwash, Jonathan and I about went crazy... At least we had a shiny vehicle to drive to church today!



Awwww - the girls used to be scared of them too. Kelcee is still a little leary of them.

Angie Davis

Those poor kids will be in therapy for years! Well, at least the car's clean...

Travis Johnson

I love it! That looks like something I would have done to my kids. I gotta try it!

Donnie Walden

Well their uncle Don did something about like that just a couple of years ago. OK my air conditioner wasn't working and with the windows rolled up it felt like 150 degrees. And I was by myself. And I am clastophobic. Thank the Lord for Zoloft.