Thursday, April 12, 2007

Parker the Watchdog...

Parker came home from pre-school today and said, "Mrs Malina says I am her watchdog!" After several questions, we found out exactly what he was talking about! It is quite embarassing for us but also funny!!!
Some time ago, Parker picked up from one of his "Goofy" cartoons that he was saying "Gosh" in the movie! We told Parker how that was a very bad word and that Goofy shouldn't say that and we don't ever say that word! We evidently pounded this into his head very well. At his spring parent teacher's conference, we were informed that Parker keeps Mrs. Malina on her toes and gets after her every time she says the word "Gosh!" He tells her, "People aren't supposed to say Gosh!" We were a little embarassed when his teachers were telling us this, we had no idea he had been "correcting" his teacher! She said, she had no idea how much she said it, and he had really been making her "think" when she said things nowdays!
Well, today he said, "Mrs. Malina says I am her watchdog because I told her she said gosh again today..." She told Parker, "Thanks for reminding me Parker, you are my watchdog..."
He has corrected my aunt before and who knows who all else. He doesn't mind one bit to let you know you should't say that very bad word!!!


Angie Davis

Connor has turned into the Word Police around here. I've been really embarrassed a couple of times now.


That is so funny! Alyssa just told me that her preschool teacher said a bad word. I asked her what it was, but she was afraid to repeat it. So, I asked her if it was "gosh" and of course it was. She probably thinks that's the only bad word there is! Aren't preschoolers fun? Wait 'til you have two at once!