Saturday, March 31, 2007

A busy Saturday...

It started at 5:45am when the phone rang, calling me into work! Ugh! I only had to be there 4 hrs then we were off shopping for the afternoon! Parker begged to have us drop him off at Grandpa Don's house on the way so we did! (We didn't have the heart to leave them the twins too!) Next, we spent a good part of the afternoon at the Men's Wearhouse while Daddy tried on tons of suits! Let me just say, that store is not kid friendly! Peyton kept running into himself in the three way mirrors and had a red forehead, I found straight pins all over the floor and the babies had a blast with the metal measuring tapes! I ended up dragging the kids to the car and had to "text" Daddy to please "Hurry Up!" We ate supper at a new Mexican Grill there called "On the border." Well... we could have made it to the "border" ourselves in the amount of time it took us to get seated, get our food and then our check! They do have good fajitas though. We ended up at the mall and the twins were quite over the entire day! They kept screaming every time I went out of site! Jonathan had to go and sit outside with them so he was just as ready to leave as they were! Paige crashed in the car on the way home but as you can see, Peyton is still going strong! I must go put him to bed and iron clothes for Sunday! As Parker would say, tomorrow we are going to "Father's House!" Goodnight!!



Sounds like a perfect Saturday...except for the early phone call! Glad Parker got to be with Grandpa Don for a while. He loves it there. See you in the morning at "Father's House". Love, Mom