Monday, April 16, 2007

Daddy's buddy!

Parker loves to help Daddy mow our lawn. He rides on his lap every time! (I can hardly hold him while mowing but Daddy has no problem doing it!) Tonight they had to mow real quick before going to Daddy's first ballgame of the season! Ugh!

I dread the thought of him playing ball again! He tore his Patella tendon in August of 2005 going for a catch! After surgery, 6 weeks off work, therapy and several thousand dollars later he was much better, but will never be the same! Hope he doesn't see his doc out at the ballpark... I am sure he wouldn't recommend it! Parker just told him before they left, "Daddy, if you pop your knee again, I will have to take you to the hospital!" That's probably all too true, I told him I wouldn't go through that ordeal again!!! I just hope he can hit a homerun and can "walk" around all the bases!!! Wishful thinking...



He had better NOT pop that Patella tendon again!!! I don't think I would want to go thru' those recovery weeks again. (Did he forget all of that pain he was in after surgery???) Granny ain't up to doin' the shuttle bus scene. Be careful, Daddy W.!!!