Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Missing letter found!

Parker got this bench from my mom and dad a couple of years ago for Christmas. He has it sitting just inside his door in his room. The babies love to sit on the bench and take the letters out. (Paige is especially bad about it!) The "k" has been missing in action for several months now which drove me absolutely crazy. Parker came out yesterday afternoon so excited because he had been digging in his closet and found the missing "k!"
One thing that completely drives me crazy with that bench is the "r's!" One is yellow and one is red. The "P" is red also so I always make the last "r" red. Parker always wants the last "r" to be yellow so he and I go round and round about it! If I walk by his room and see it wrong, I fix it! He tells me that is not the way it goes, and then changes it! (Guess we are both a little obsessive compulsive, huh??)
The twins also got benches like these for Christmas last year and I hid them in their closet! I can't bear the thought of more missing letters! I think I will get the glue out and glue them all in place!!!


Amanda Arbuckle

That cracks me up Karen. I can see you and Parker fighting about the letters. I think glueing the others down would definatly be a good idea! Amanda


I can't stand for anything to be missing either. The girls have Polly Pockets and I am really anal about finding the matching shoes and not giving up until they are found. Same with their doll houses!