Thursday, April 26, 2007


Jonathan just finished his last night of school forever tonight!!! Let the Hallelujah Chorus begin... What a relief for all of us! He has been going to IUPUC two nights a week for 3 years getting his MBA! Before that, he went to Indiana Wesleyan and got his Bachelor's degree! We are so ready for him to be done and to be home in the evenings! Parker has big plans for him and daddy to play every kind of ball there is known to man. I have a few chores he can do too now that he will be home during the evening hours! Graduation day is Mother's Day night! That is a wonderful Mother's Day present for me!! (Don't anyone even mention a PhD to him! I'll come after you!!)

Congrats Jonathan!
We all love you and are very proud of you!
Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige!



Congratulations! I'm sure all those years of Tuesday and Thursday nights alone will be worth the end results!


Congratulations Jonathon! What an accomplishment!

Angie Davis

Yikes! I didn't need to hear how bad it was just as Gene gets ready to start the MHA program at IU. :)


CONGRATULATIONS JONATHAN!!!!!!!!! I was about ready to dance a jig on the front porch this afternoon when he told us that he had just done his last presentation today! What a relieve--for everyone. I'm sure he feels like a boulder has just rolled off of his shoulders. What in the world are we going to do on Sunday afternoons now...since you won't have to be after him to work on his homework? Maybe-take a nap??? Love, Mom T.


Congratulations Jonathan! I am sure that you are so excited to be done with school. I am sure the whole family is excited that you are done as well. Just in time for the warm weather. Now you can make lots of memories with the kids this summer!