Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Brunch!

We were at Mom and Dad's at 9:30am for a wonderful breakfast! Mom made waffles and bacon and sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and had fresh fruit! It was all very good! The kids were too excited to eat! They got to open their Easter Baskets after breakfast and then went upstairs to find all the plastic eggs that Grandpa hid! (It was too cold to hunt them outside so he hid them in all the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs!) They had so much fun and we had fun watching them! Kerrigan found the most and Parker was next! Carter didn't try too hard and the three babies didn't even have a clue! They were happy with their crackers and M&M's! We had a lot of fun today and enjoyed not having to do all that after church on Sunday! I think we have a new tradition!!!

I still have 5 outfits to iron for Easter Sunday and baskets to fill! I must go! I tried uploading several pictures on Picasa but don't know how to get them onto my Blog. I need Leanna's help I guess!!!

Happy Easter everyone!
The Waldens!