Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why is it...

...that my kids always decide to get sick when Daddy is out of town??? Last night I finally laid down to get some sleep at 11:45pm. (I was to be at work today at 7am!) At 12:20am, Paige was awake and crying. This is very unusual for her. I told her to go back to sleep and she said, "Okay!" A few minutes later she was doing it again, and then at 1am, Peyton woke up crying for me! As I opened the door to their room, I was hit with a smell like no other! I immediatly said, "Who puked???" I turned on the light to find poor Paige in a mess of vomited chocolate milk. It was all over her from head to toe as well as every inch of her bed. I started cleaning her up and Peyton stood there screaming to be held! We all three ended up in Daddy's chair in our family room and after several more bouts of vomiting, Paige finally went to sleep about 3:15am. At 4:30am, I awoke to hearing the sound of the toilet lid going up and poor Parker was doing the same thing! (Where is Daddy when we need him??? Sleeping soundly several states away! Don't you dare feel sorry for him Gene!) After several more episodes during the night, daylight finally arrived! That was one loooooooong night! Although I only got about 3 hrs of sleep, I was glad to see a new day! Parker is somewhat better but poor Paige is still throwing up continually! I had to call in sick to work today but would've much rather been delivering babies than emptying puke buckets! is time to start on this mountain of disgusting laundry and throw some puney kids into the tub!
Hoping and praying that Peyton and I don't get it tonight!



Awwww, poor kids (and mom!) It is so rough when they are little & sick. At least Parker can make it to the toilet. That is a blessing! :)


I hope they get better real soon and I hope you can keep from getting it. I think something is going around again. Several people in Indiana that I have talked too have had the same thing. Paige looks so sweet in that picture.

Karen Walden

Several people at church have had it as well. Guess that is where they might have gotten it! I took those pics this morning! Paige sure has a "frowny face!" :(

Karen Walden

Denise... Parker does do a good job making it to the toilet. He rarely ever makes a mess!
Now, to train these 2 year olds the same way!!!


It is such a blessing that my 3 make it to the bathroom. Kelcee has a bit of a problem yet when she wakes up needing to puke.

Hope they start feeling better soon and ya'll can get a nap!

Gene Davis

I must confess that I do feel a bit sorry for you Karen. Hang in there...this to shall pass (hopefully not out the other end).

Angie Davis

Oh dear--that sounds like Gene's trip to Florida this past winter! Poor Karen--do you want me to send Gene down to clean up barf? (Since he missed out on helping ME with it...?)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

That stinks! You know what I mean. We're sick at our house too. Not the same kind of sick though. I'm feeling a lot better about what we have going on here. Hope you get to feeling better.

sankey family

My goodness, you poor girl!
Get well soon to your sick kids and I hope the rest of you stay well!


Poor kiddos and Mommy too : ) We had 2 of our 5 sick this week too, what on earth is going on??? I am tired of this sick junk!!!