Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baseball Season Begins...

Parker was absolutely thrilled to wake up last Saturday morning for his first ever baseball practice! He finally is old enough to play on a team this year! Jonathan made the mistake in January of telling him he was going to play in May and he has been driving us crazy about it ever since!
He had practice again tonight for 1 1/2 hours and I ended up taking the twins to the truck and turning them on a DVD! It was not fun chasing two rugrats around the ball diamonds and I couldn't believe how filthy they got in such a short amount of time!

Here are a few pictures of Parker tonight at his practice. Most of you could care less, so these are mainly for my family!

Jonathan's games begin next Monday at 9pm! Oh joy...
Parker's Baseball Game

Click on the above picture!


Angie Davis

I think I may have gotten off easy with these hopelessly unathletic men of mine... :)


Yep, the fun begins! Steven starts practice this Saturday. As for the 9:00 game Jonathan has....at least it's late enough that you can stick the kiddos in bed and have some alone time! ;o)


Wouldn't know nuthin about it! lol! At least as far as playing. But I do get to hear the moaning and groaning of one certain husband that the Tiger's have lost all their games so far. And they have a dream team! How can that be?!?! Hopefully they are getting their losing streak out of the way :)


Actually, my girls have been dying for warm weather so they could go out and shoot hoops and play catch with their dad. (I played last night and jammed my finger :(


He looks so cute in his little uniform!


Cute pics of your son playing ball! My two boys play and it is great fun for them and me!!!

I'm friends with Belinda and thought I'd say hello...


Parker is going to have so much fun this summer! He looks handsome in his ball outfit. (I noticed that the other kids weren't all decked out in their finest for practice! :) Parker takes it so seriously. Papaw & I will have to come watch him...


He looks so cute in his little uniform!


He looks adorable in that little uniform. I love sports but don't have any little boys to play. Guess my girls will just have to be good ball players. I always loved playing!!