Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad luck Wednesday...

Our night Tuesday night was way too short to say the least! I was up until almost 3am packing and ironing clothes to take to IHC, and Jonathan came to bed about 3:30am after waxing the vehicle! The alarm went off before 7am and that began our day of bad luck! I had wanted to get to IHC in time for the Women of Worth service but that didn't end up happening! We got to the convention shortly after 11am and enjoyed seeing many friends. We were in the afternoon service sitting with Jonathan's parents, and Paige somehow managed to be standing in our row and peed a puddle right on the floor! I am still amazed that she was able to pee out the side of her diaper and just barely get her tights wet!?!? Off to the car she and I went...
After the afternoon service was over, we went to check in at the Crowne Plaza! We had booked our room last June and had already paid for one night as a deposit! Jonathan goes up to the desk and the clerk proceeds to tell him that he did not have any non-smoking double queen rooms left!!!! We had the papers stating we were "guaranteed" this room! (The clerk said that people actually check in on Tuesday and refuse to leave on Wednesday... (This better not be the IHC crowd!) Therefore, they were "over booked!" They had a smoking room with two beds and a non-smoking King only! We opted for the non-smoking King and felt right at home with all of us in one bed! (One big happy family!) They did give us a 20% discount for the inconvenience...
We quickly freshened up for the 6:00pm Wednesday evening service and headed for the elevators at 5:45pm! Those elevators are a joke... We waited for 15 minutes and every elevator was completely jam packed with people and Jonathan was to be on stage to sing in the 6pm service! He was beginning to sweat a little and decided his only option was to take the stairs...all 154 of them! (We were on the 11th floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Jonathan left me there waiting on an elevator with 3 kids, a stroller and the world's heaviest diaper bag! I finally got into the evening service 5 minutes late, parked my stroller, found my in-laws, and started the long climb up the bleachers with my diaper bag over my shoulder and a kid on each hand. I got 3/4 of the way to the top and went to climb over this couple when the lady looked at me and said, "Ma'am, these seats are saved!!!!!!!" (There were close to 10 empty seats there too!) I turned to go back down and realized that I had caused quite a traffic jam! There were tons of people behind me waiting to get a seat as well! I bent down and grabbed a kid under each arm, still had my diaper bag on my shoulder and down I went! (I was carrying about 80 pounds here and I think steam was rolling from my ears too! :) I got to the bottom of the steps...or so I thought, and turned to step off the side...WHOA!!!!!!!!! Down I went, kids in my arms, diaper bag and all! I practically knocked Brother McCrary down and completely "fell into" his conversation he was having with another gentleman! I thought I was going to die right then and there! He grabbed my arm and I was able to get back on my feet, kids still under each arm and diaper bag still in place! The twins were hollering and I darted into the exhibit area and burst into tears! I was shaking so bad and just needed Jonathan to help me! My wonderful sister-in-law, LuRhe appeared along with Mary Jane McGuire to help me! I asked "Where is Jonathan???" When they said, "On the platform" tears rolled even more! All I wanted right then was to go back home to Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!! LuRhe and Mary took the kids from me and I tried to calm down! I stayed hid in the exhibit area the rest of the service! Jonathan was on the platform, scanning the crowd looking for me and had no idea his graceful wife had been putting on such a performance, trying to "steal the show!" The kids were complete snakes and we didn't even get to sit in on any of the main service that evening! I wasn't about to go hauling myself up to the top of the bleachers only to find out those seats were saved too!!!
We decided there was no need to just walk around talking to each other so shortly before 9pm, off we went to get something to eat! We picked O'Charley's for a change and were hungry and exhausted! We waited over 45 minutes for our food and didn't even complain! (Jonathan told the waitress that he thought they were just going to bring us breakfast! She laughed...) They ended up giving us our meal for free! (Finally, something good out of a completely bad day!)
Later, I told Anthony Webb that I would be on any committee, clean bathrooms, whatever it would take to get myself a reserved seat at IHC!!! I don't think he will ever let me live down my gracelessness at IHC!
I have many other stories of IHC to tell but that is the one that everyone has been talking about! I'll post more later about who all we saw and chatted with, along with a few pictures! (I'll have to post some of the Davis clan and talk about our time with them!)
Now I am off to find some Advil for some achy bones and hurt pride!!!


Angie Davis

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much better I feel knowing I'm not the only one who has ever done that! And when I did it, I couldn't even blame it on an armload of kids! Now about those pictures...

Angie Davis

Glad your daughter didn't decide to have a diaper malfunction on Thursday while she and I were snuggling! :)


I'm still stuck at the thought of Jonathan being up until 3:30 a.m. to wax the car! I love to sleep and evidently "ain't no car worth that" to me! LOL

I'm sorry you had such a graceful exit. I'd be embarrassed too! And poor Paige. Evidently her diaper was askew!

Angie Davis

Wait, did you say Jonathan was WAXING the car?! Would you please have that man speak to Gene about automotive cleaning...

Karen Walden

Don't get the wrong idea girls, that's about a once a year job for him! Why in the world he decided to do it at that time of night, I'll never know! It started out as just cleaning out the inside of the vehicle!

Guy Stanke


My name is Guy Stanke and I am the VPO at O'Charley's. I would like to personally apologize for the long delay in getting your meal. Which O'Charley's did you dine at? Do you feel like the management team was responsive enough at addressing your problem?

Thank you for your patronage

Guy Stanke

sankey family

That is awful...I am smiling at your story but feel really sorry for you at the same time - how embarrassing!
But beware to those of us who smirk - our time may be coming up!Right?



Oh,I feel so bad for you. I don't think it's funny at all. I could cry just thinking about how you must have felt. Hopefully the rest of the week was better for you.


I am Travis's mom and read your blog it is always so lively and funny. My one experience with my parents at IHC about 15 years ago...we stood in line for over 30 min to eat and got up to the food and a man in front of me motioned for several of his friends to come up and get in line with him pushing us back again...I stepped up and said OH NO NO...I Don't think so My parents and I have waited 30 min and we are not going to let you do this. He said Lady what you need is more Grace, I said Sir what you are going to need is a new face...I heard my Dad say "Oh My Father in Heaven I wish she would shut her mouth. However, he sure did enjoy eating and no one got in front of us. I would have said Sorry about your luck unless you have paid for these seats they are mine. But then I'm not professing to be santified. Things like that are a strawberry seed in my tooth (or dentures)


Travis' Mom...

This is Karen's Mom...& it is probably a good thing I wasn't with her! I just might have told the "lady" --to bad...I'm comin' in anyway! Well, maybe not but I'm sure I would have been upset.

It has been years since we have been at IHC but I did enjoy watching some online this year. However, it is a very stressful place when you have kids-& twins--as you well know! :)

Enjoy your strawberries. ;)

Anthony Webb

Well, I am NOT laughing in the least about your fall!! That is sad and I feel AWFUL for you!! I will not talk about it with anybody and it will NEVER cross my mind again!!....only one thing that REALLY REALLY bugs me tho....I DID NOT GET TO SEE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have the perfect job for you next year so you can have your own reserved seat!.....Exhibit Cop! You can run the people outta there! Good Luck!! haha

Karen Walden

I think I will pass Anthony... I hear some of those people can be real stinkers to get out of there at service time! :) Guess I will just continue to climb those bleachers with my three kids only to find out that the seats are "saved!" I'll be sure from now on to "watch out for that last step..." Oh the memories I made this year at IHC!

Sherry Gates

You should of asked if they were also sanctified! I hope she felt terrible and lost sleep if she saw you fall!


about your fall, i fell in the orlando airport last year right after getting off the plane with 599 kids with mickey mouse ears on and their parents lost my shoes and everyone was around trying to get me up and i was worried to death about my shoes all i could see was a goodwill sticker that said 2.99. hope yours at least said t.j. max. he he


Now you know why I sit in the granny section every year!