Monday, April 14, 2008

Too much to do...

I just got off work and have to work tomorrow before heading out for IHC early Wednesday morning. I have so much that I don't know where to begin! I really need to...

and ...


and Jonathan is...

and I am... :)

I just realized that I only have about 6 hours of being home before we head out on Wednesday am! Better run...


sankey family

love this post - hope you get it all done!

Nathan and Tricia

You sound like me!!! Only I'm not leaving for IHC Wednesday morning. You can see what I'm doing too...not getting much done over here.


Me thinks someone had a little too much fun with the clip-art! :) It's so much more fun playing than house looks like a bomb went off in it!!! I have managed to sort through a little for the yardsale. Yikes...where did 2 of us get so much stuff in 2 years?


I'm sure you'll get it done. Put Jonathan and Parker to work! ;o) Have fun at IHC! I haven't been since 1998! My idea of having a good time doesn't involve dragging 3 children around there with me! I can just hear them griping about their feet hurting or being hungry...Anyway, good luck!


I hear you, Michelle! The last time we went was when Kerrigan was 3 months old...7 yrs ago. When they get a li'l bit older, it will be more fun! At this point my two younger ones (and possibly my oldest b/c we wouldn't let her run off) would be bored with all our socializing.


Oh, by the way, Karen (forgot it was your blog! lol!) GREAT POST :) Loved all the little pictures.