Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Getaway!

Jonathan and I are sooooo excited about this weekend! He told me he would take me to a Gaither Homecoming concert for one of my birthday gifts! (My birthday was over a month ago!) Well...this weekend is it! The Gaither Homecoming crew will be in Evansville, Indiana on Friday night and we are going ALONE! Special thanks to my mom and dad for keeping our 3 rugrats overnight! We clearly won't know what to do with ourselves being able to sit through an entire concert undisturbed!!! (I hope I don't have to walk out to the restroom and fall down the steps! :) We have to be back early Saturday for Jonathan to attend something mandatory for his softball association but what a glorious Friday we will have together! I know I will be ready to see the kiddos before we even get back, but can't wait for some quality adult time!

Doubt I get any good pictures of the groups as my camera doesn't do well in dark arena's! Jonathan will be pouting when he finds out his buddy, Ivan isn't going to be there! I saw where he was doing a solo performance in another state!

Be back Saturday afternoon just in time to take Parker to baseball practice again! (Alone...)


Angie Davis

Have fun, you two!


Yep, enjoy your get-a-way! I think my mom and dad have kept the kids twice (the weekend of our 10th anniversary trip and 1 other time overnight). I've had the chance to leave them more than that but when they were little I just couldn't make myself do it! Crazy I know!

Last year I had to take Steven to many a baseball practice and game by myself with the 2 girls. This summer is quite different--I haven't been to a practice yet but I will go to his games!!

Karen Walden

This will only be my 2nd time away from my kids as well! The other being last December when we went to Shipshewana! It was a blast!
Jonathan, on the other hand, is a "pro" at going off and leaving his kids! HA! :)


Hey now that sounds like a blast! ....and I REFUSE to make ANY remarks about the steep stairs at the concert!

Angie Davis

(Maybe Karen could just sit and scoot down the steps on her tail? Much safer...)

Karen Walden

Or I could request a handicap seat on the floor!!!!!! You all make me sound old!! :)

Angie Davis

(It's all Anthony's fault...)

Karen Walden



Sounds like fun. Enjoy yourselves!

sankey family

So exciting - have fun!


Sounds like alot of fun!

Just a little gossip I heard about being it true that perhaps you told Parker he had to behave b/c Grandma was getting older? I guess it just must be paying you back! :)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Enjoy! Maybe one of these days. Our kids are little I can't see that happening for a long time. We have only been out to eat without them twice. It is nice to have a little adult time. Have fun.

Nathan and Tricia

Hope ya'll have fun!!!!!