Friday, April 4, 2008

Could someone please call Guinness???

The twins had a birthday back in early January! We had their party on January 5th and the following morning, one of them let this balloon go and it has been floating in our bathroom sky light ever since! Can you believe it will be 3 months on Saturday and that silly thing has enough helium to still be up there? I tried blowing it down the other day with the hair dryer but it just moved it a little! The string is up about 12 feet so we can't even jump and grab it! We could bring a ladder in but that seems like too much work! We keep thinking it will just come down, but then again...maybe not! I have never had a balloon stay "up" that long! Next time you want to get some balloon's filled, check out your local Marsh's Floral department!!!



That is so funny you would post this, because I was in my boy's room yesterday and couldn't believe that their Valentine balloons were still hanging in the air. Maybe we should call Guinness, HA!

Angie Davis

The balloons you WANT to stay inflated will be pancakes within a half hour, but the ones you don't care about find their way into unreachable places and park there indefinitely. :)


That's crazy! Maybe it's dying a slow death, longing for the blue sky and wishing it could just escape! heehee


Wow! Incredible!

Sherry Gates

That is a long time! Some of those things are like the energizer bunny! My mom got me one one time and it hung around about 2 feet off the floor and I was up in the night and thought a man was crawling around and went and jumped back in bed! Great help I would of been!