Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Jonathan and I had been married almost 2 years, no kids yet, and I had just graduated from nursing school. I had not passed my RN boards yet so was still working as a CNA at that time. I was working at the hospital in our town and still work there today.

Five things to do today: (Since the day is almost over, I'll write what I actually did today!)

1. Go calling on "new" Jr Church contacts (done)

2. Go shopping in Greenwood (done)

3. Eat out (done, twice!)

4. Iron clothes for Sunday

5. Do laundry and straighten house

Snacks I enjoy:

Any kind of chips/dip

Salty Chex Mix

Good Chocolate Candy to go along with my salty snack!

If I were a Billionaire:

I would pay off all our debts

Build our dream home

Buy new vehicles

Quit my job and be a stay at home Mommy!

Support some orphans or poor children (Those ads in magazines always tear me up!)

3 Bad Habits I Have:

1. Playing with my bottom lip

2. Leaving trash in the pocket doors of the vehicles

3. Put off folding laundry

5 Places I've Lived:

1. Edinburgh, Indiana (Until I was 5)

2. Columbus, Indiana (Same house from age 5 until I got married)

3. Columbus, Indiana (Duplex when Jonathan and I got married, lived there for 4 years)

4. Columbus, Indiana (Current house, we built it in 2000!)

(Pretty boring huh, Chuck and Mary???? I don't even have 5 houses I have lived in before!) :)

5 Jobs I've Had:

1. Cheese shop and Bakery at Kroger's

2. CNA at Community Care Nursing Home (My worst job ever! I have horror stories about that place!)

3. RN on med-surg unit

4. Labor/Delivery nurse

5. Mommy!

5 people I want to know more about:


Steve Hight

Tamra Craycraft

Michelle Krick

Angie Davis

(Sorry if you have already done this and I won't mind if you don't do it at all! I am just doing this for Jenny G. :)


Angie Davis

I'll do it first thing Monday morning, once I've had some caffeine. (It helps my memory...)

Karen Walden

(You don't even have to do it if you aren't interested! Like I said, I was responding to someone who "tagged" me!)
I am working 12 hrs Monday and Tuesday and we pull out Wednesday early am! Very little time to blog! See ya Thursday!


You girls had better not sit together at IHC! You won't get a thing out of the services...& I bet your combination of kids would keep the surrounding crowd quite entertained! Have fun and visit all of your friends. And watch out for that escalator!!!



Sheila ~ Maybe I'll go just for the entertainment provided by Karen, Ang and the children! ;o) Nah, I have too many responsibilities on Thursday with 2kids in school and needing picked up, one still at home, etc. I'll just read about it later!

Angie Davis

Given some of my previous IHC mishaps, I'm sure we won't disappoint you, Michelle. I think I need to do a "Was My Face Red at IHC" post sometime soon ans see who else has embarrassed themselves in Dayton.


I'm so bad about leaving trash in my vehicle door pockets too. Drives Leighton crazy. ;)

Steve Hight

Karen, just got your "tag" today, Friday 4/18. I'll try to do it in the next couple of days.