Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Friday...

The kids seemed to quickly get over their "bug" on Wednesday. Jonathan arrived home last night around 9:30pm and were they ever excited! Around midnight, we were just going to sleep and I heard a coughing noise in the twins room! Jonathan said, "Oh, they are just coughing!" I said, "No, I don't think so. I know that sound!" All of a sudden, she did it again! All over her bed and her hair was covered! Gross.... So, bath time at midnight it was! She was fine the rest of the night but got to sleep with Mommy and a bucket nearby! (Our Mother/Daughter banquet is tonight and with any luck, I will get to leave her at home with Daddy and the boys! HA!)
Speaking of our Mother/Daughter banquet, we are doing something different this year. Several of us are responsible for decorating our own table! This means plates, silverware, glasses, etc! It has been fun but I'm not sure how fun the clean up with be with us all waiting in line for one sink! (I think I will bring mine home and wash it here!) It's really neat to see the different ideas everyone has! I'm sure Jenny G. and I will have pictures to share.
On that note, I am off to shower and get ready for a busy day. I have to put the finishing touches on my table and get my house cleaned for my father-in-law who will be spending the evening with the boys!
Have a great weekend, everyone!



Will be anxious to see photos from this event. Have fun!


Hopefully Paige will be well enough to make it!

Have fun!

Jody J

Aw, poor Paige! That's horrible! Hope your household gets back to normal soon. Have fun at the Mother/Daughter Banquet.

Angie Davis

Eek! I don't think the other mommies at the banquet would appreciate you taking her along...


Cracks me up how Jonathon responded to Paige's cough...we mommies know "the cough"! I get this "sick" feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I hear it! Hope all are better soon...