Saturday, April 26, 2008


"Dat hurts..."

The twins and I took Parker to his baseball game this afternoon and guess what we forgot??? SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!! It was a beautiful day, upper 60's here and very sunny! I didn't think a thing of it and Peyton fell asleep for most of the ballgame. You can tell what part of his face his Lightening McQueen hat was protecting! Paige was awake and running around so she didn't get it nearly as bad! His arms are cooked too! Notice the sun on his can see where he had his chin down while he was napping! Hope his eyes are not swollen shut in the am!
Parker's ballgame



Oh my goodness!!!! Poor kid, that has to hurt.


Ouch is right! Poor baby :o(

Do you have any 'after sun care' stuff?


Ouchie, ouch, ouch!! Poor little guy.

The game pictures are great!


If you have any aloe vera, you need to put it on him right away! I cannot believe it!!!

Angie Davis

To echo the others, OUCH!

Jody J

Poor Parker! I forget you can still get burned when it's so cool out! Hope he gets better soon.


Woah! I hope he will be fine.


Okay, let's all say it one more time in unison...OUCH! Hope he's feeling better by this posting. Yep, aloe vera does wonders. For mild sunburn I use vinegar. It turns it to a tan quicker.


Poor little guy...that looks painful. Slather the aloe vera on.

sankey family

Poor little guy - that looks so painful. Yeah, grab the aloe!