Friday, April 18, 2008

IHC Photos...

Patriotic Service Wednesday evening (Picture borrowed from IHConvention website)
Acting innocent when he should've been in the service...
Discussing the Patriotic Service...
Convention Quartet...(Excuse the blurrieness, my hands were shaky from falling!)

The best moments of the convention...
Letting off energy between services...

Chuck & Mary McGuire (See the Davis stoller on the right end of this picture!?)
Recognize anyone???
Paige's favorite face to make...

So embarrassed that her son stunk up the entire arena...
There were really listening to the service weren't they???

"Is church almost over, Mom?"

Parker and Connor Davis
(This is about the time that all the "sniffing" was taking place!)
"Who gets to change him?"
Todd Myers and family honking their horn along with 3,000 other people...Homeward bound...
Goodbye IHC 2008, see you next year!


Angie Davis

Your husband is evil with a camera! I have a great idea for next year: we leave the husbands and kids at home and you and I go to IHC alone. (You'd better drive, though...) :)

Karen Walden

Sounds like a deal to me!


Awwww, they don't look like complete snakes, Karen! With IHC really being mainly for the big people I know my kids wouldn't be on their best behavior either!! They should have some sort of childcare during services, but then can you imagine the workers needed??


Tony wants to know if Jonathan REALLY thought it was Paige that stunk or if it was a HUGE hint to the other couple! lol! lol!


Loved the pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Looks like we missed all the fun! Kylie wanted to know why we didn't go. :) Actually, I do recognize some Overland Park people...Mark and Carol Avery!
Sounds like you had fun. Sure wish I could have been there to see you take your tumble! :0
The pics of the kids are SO cute! I need to see them ASAP!
Aunt Carol


...AND Alma Jean Wright!!!!! :)

Karen Walden

I was wondering if you would find Alma Jean!!! :) I think I might have gotten a shot of Harold Carpenter in one of the crowd shots. Don't know if it was the one posted on here or not...
I also saw Fran's Mom and I believe her oldest daughter!!!


Now please do not get me wrong here, but.....I was just thinking back about the fall that this lady took at IHC.

And then I read the comment from Ange Davis who says that her and Karen should leave their hubbys at home and the two of them go to IHC...and she wants Karen to drive.

Now...hmmm...if a person struggles walking, yet you want her to offense I was just sorta reading over some of these year I will see if we can just TOTALLY do away with the bleachers and keep everything on one level!!

Angie Davis

Preferably with plenty of cushions and other extra padding, Anthony. (Thanking the Lord he doesn't know about my mishaps...)

Karen Walden

Angie doesn't know that I cannot read a map to save my life!!! I do love though!

Keep working on the seating arrangements for next year, Anthony!!!


I won't ask about Angie's mishaps!!!!!

Karen Walden

Just go to her blog and check out her comments!


Thanks for the pics of IHC. I wasn't able to go this year and it was great seeing some recognizable faces. Looks like everyone had a great time.


Hi! I did recognize my in-laws, Clair and Melba Sams. I was home sick with baby #4....I think if I had made reservations to attend, they would of ask me to keep my crazy boys at home!!! Just in case you are wondering who this "intruder" is...I'm Janet Burton's niece...been almost 5 years since I've been north to attend church there.
Martha Sams