Saturday, April 5, 2008

Warn Weather Wearables...

I got this idea from my cousin, Denise's Blog! This week we are supposed to pick a "favorite" of something that is a warm weather wearable! This was Paige's first Easter Dress! I think it was about my favorite dress ever! I also loved that head band and her Ralph Lauren shoes that her Aunt April bought her. It was so sad to see her outgrow these items! I did keep them all as a keepsake though from her first Easter!
Next week...Desirable Destinations!



Awwwww! That is so precious! I can see why that was a favorite.


Very sweet dress!

Angie Davis

I wish you guys could have been at our place with Travis and Jody tonight. Maybe next time! Jody insisted I take tons of pictures of her and put them on my blog for you... :)

Jody J

I haven't been checking blogs lately. Great to catch up. Cute picture of Paige!
And, Angie, you are sooo funny. ;)