Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He owes me one...

Jonathan was to fly to Canada early this morning for business. He told me goodbye around 6:45am and I drifted back to sleep! (I was actually going to sleep in until 7:30am today!) I was dreaming nicely when all of a sudden, I awoke to my phone ringing! The caller ID told me it was Jonathan's cell phone. As soon as I said "Hello" I heard, "Hey, you've got to help me! I forgot my passport and I am in Greenwood already! I need you to head this way! I might even miss my flight now!" I sleepily replied, "You mean you want me to wake up all these kids and load them up and bring you your passport?" He firmly said, "Yes!" I quickly threw on clothes, did NOT comb my hair, which was a site for sore eyes and quickly woke Parker up as well. He wasn't thrilled to be awakened so suddenly... I grabbed the babies out of their beds, threw them in their carseats, wet diapers and all and off we went with Daddy's passport!

Of course, traffic was down to one lane on Hwy 31 due to them working on the power lines so I wasn't able to speed like I wanted! On that same Hwy in the other direction, there had been a wreck and traffic was creeping along! (I was not looking forward to coming back in that mess!)

Just as I was getting ready to get on the ramp of I-65, my phone rang and it was Jonathan wondering where I was at! He was just a mile away from my exit so I quickly pulled off the ramp and sat on the side of the road waiting for him! He grabbed his passport in a run and was quickly off again!

I got to sit in the traffic jam for a short while and made it home in plenty of time to get Parker off to pre-school.
Jonathan was actually able to make his flight without any problems and is currently sitting in an airport in Cleveland, Ohio waiting for his flight to Toronto, and checking blogs! :)

So...he owes me once again for coming to his rescue!

I am getting pretty good at this single parenting thing. Tonight I have to take Parker to baseball practice for 1 1/2 hrs with the twins along! That should be a blast!

Now it is time to get the twins ready for the day and go pick up Parker from school shortly!

Enjoy this beautiful weather! I am trying to figure out how I can mow the yard with the twins running the house alone! (We haven't mowed yet this year, our neighbors probably hate us!)

Have a great Tuesday!



Ah, payback I guess for when you locked your keys in the car....except you had to drive farther!


Yeah, he owes you big time! :)


I don't know how many times I have had to get my girls out of bed and throw them in the car, because Paul forgot his ID and couldn't get on base. Not a thrilling way to start the day. I know all about the single parent thing....it's not easy.


SHEW!!!! At least you can be very VERY thankful you did NOT fall down any steps today!! There is a silver lining behind EVERY cloud!!


Sounds like someone needs to put Anthony in his place.

Anthony, go back to your corner! I'm gonna have dad keep an eye on you.

Jonathan Walden

Yeah, that was a little close! I ended up checking in at 8:35 for a 9:20 departure. Now I'm off to look for Angie's relatives!!

Angie Davis

They're the tall ones (except me) with trucks held together by duct tape and a possum simmering in the crockpot. God save the Queen!


Now Michelle, You are sounding a little harsh! I read your post and just dissolved into tears!!


I know how thrilled I would be if I had to do that for Tony. But I also know if I said ANYTHING he would remind me of the numerous times I'd done something equally or more irresponsible! So most of the times I keep my mouth shut but I sure want to speak...lol! Especially dragging kids out! uGH! Sorry for the crazy start to your morning! Hope the rest of the day went much better!!

By the way, I bet Jonathan is the more irresponsible one b/c he is the baby of the family, right?! :)

Angie Davis

YES! Let's blame the babies of the families. :)


I now dub thee...."SuperWOMAN!" (Too bad you couldn't fly...)

sankey family

I'd say he does owe you! Doesn't it feel good to accumulate points?


Being a help meet comes with alot of seriously-not-fun stuff, doesn't it? ;)


Wow - great job of taking care of your man AND the rest of the fam!

Gene Davis

Now ladies you really should not be counting how much Jonathan owes Karen. Poor Jonathan does alot for Karen and has to put up with alot. He is traveling and missing out on so much family time..working hard for her and the kids. Poor Jonathan!!! He is in a lonely hotel that is quiet and free of kids...poor Jonathan!!! I'm thnking that I may need to join him on his next trip to keep him company!!!! Poor Jonathan!!!

Karen Walden

What do you mean he has to put up with a lot Gene??? You're in trouble... :)
Yes, I feel so sorry for him in Canada sleeping through the night uninterupted, going to bed without a care in the world, eating meals all peaceful, etc! Such a rough life for the poor working man!
I think I will volunteer at work to go on the next conference out of state!!!!!! :)


I WOULD like to know what Jonathan is going to do to make up for it. I think a day out with the girls is just the ticket! We'll meet in Indy!

Karen Walden

Next week he will be gone for 3 days as well! Poor thing! I will definitely have to figure something out!!! ;)