Thursday, April 3, 2008

New specs...

Here is a picture of me in my new glasses! Please don't zoom in on the picture, you might see my gray hair! (I can't believe how much gray I am getting! I think it is from my kids!)

I took Parker in with me today to pick up my glasses because I wanted the eye doctor to see his eye. He has had a sty on his eye since the end of January! She took a look at it and said that when kids get sty's it is a sure sign of astigmatism! GREAT!!! I was hoping my kids didn't inherit my eyes! We have to take him to get his eyes examined in a few weeks after we get rid of this sty! Lets just pray that warm compresses and the ointment she gave us works! I cannot imagine them having to try and "open it!" Better have some strong gas to put him under!!! :)



I love them!!! Just what you needed...and what you have been wanting for a couple of years. I'm glad Dr. Barnes talked you into them. :) You didn't tell anyone what they say on the ear piece.............

Poor Parker is doomed! I do believe specs are in his future. Good luck with that!!!


I like them Karen!

Good luck with Parker! I do think little kids in glasses are adorable though...;o)


They look great!!!!


They look very nice Karen!!


They look very nice on you. I didn't see any gray hair. Ha!!

Nathan and Tricia

Like the new specs!!


Some stylin' specs you have there! They look good on you!


Nice look! Wish you had posted a before and after pic next to each other. As for the gray hair, I had to enlarge the photo so for the simple reason "misery loves company". I am turning white overnight. It's scary. But I refuse to color it. I wouldn't want to have to keep up with it. My luck in finding hairspray, pantyhose and shampoo that is still on the market two months after I start using it makes me very afraid to try and keep the same hair color! (EVERYTIME I find something that I like it seems like it becomes hard to find.)

Karen Walden

I understand Sara...can't find white pantyhose anywhere! (And I have to wear them for work! Ugh...)


They look very flattering, Karen. And I'm on the grey hair kick too, too soon I think!!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I like them too.


Well, if you find white pantyhose, let me know where! I am tired of off white and tan/beige/brown whatever doesn't always work for me with a khaki skirt and brown shoes. Too many shades of one color.