Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Read the smallest line that you can see...

"E" :) I made my every 2 year trip to the eye doctor yesterday and found out that my new glasses will more than likely resemble Coke bottles instead of eye glasses! I knew my sight had gotten bad but when she kept saying "What is this letter?" and I couldn't tell her and when I thought I was even seeing double... I knew I was in big trouble! My astigmatism had gotten quite a bit worse, but at least I did not need bi-focals! (I have been close to needing them for a few years now! Yikes...)
I did let them talk me into getting a new pair of "plastic" frames! I have been wanting them for quite some time but always revert back to the old faithful metal frames! I don't think my new glasses will look quite as bad as the glasses on this dog but who knows since I can't see past the end of my nose without wearing my glasses! My new spectacles should be finished by the end of the week! I might be amazed at how good I can read signs and see to drive at night!
One thing I have never understood was why in the world do they wait until the end of your exam to dilate your pupils and then send you out to pick out your new frames while you cannot focus on a single thing??? My eyes are terrible anyway and for her to do that... who knows what I might have picked out?!
I will admit I had to look pretty stupid driving home with my normal glasses on and Jonathan' s big sunglasses over top! It was all I could do to drive home in the bright light!
Blogging off to find my magnifying glass!



I feel ya, Karen. I had to go to the eye doctor in August, and my eyesight had worsened also. I did get a pair of prescription sunglasses...I love them! I don't know how I got along before without them before.

Just an FYI, I have started a blog. Might as well join the crowd... vanessasexcitinglife.blogspot.com


Sorry to hear about that! Everytime I go my eyesight improves and the keep lowering my Rx. Who knows why?? My Rx was the same for years and then started improving. Post a pic of you and your new specs when you get them!


I'm with you, Karen. Everytime my vision is checked, my eyesight has worsened. Very depressing! I will have to make the dreaded trip to the eye doctor in about 4 months. But only because I will have ran out of contacts by then. I can't order anymore until I get rechecked. I might need a new pair of specks also. I have mine for quite a few years now.


Sorry to hear it keeps getting worse! I've never had my eyes dilated before...... Even the sound of it is scary to me.

I'm sure you'll look nice with your new specs!

Sherry Gates

That is weird that they wait til last. Are your windows tinted? They didn't tell my friend they even dilated her eyes...although why she couldn't figure that out is beyond me!


Hello Karen! I decided to "visit" you guys. Your blog is interesting. Hope you are doing well. LuRhe and I are planning a piano recital Sat. They're busy running like always too, but I know she would want me to say Hello from them too! :-) Maybe we'll see you at IHC.