Friday, February 1, 2008

No more monkeys jumping on the bed...

Last night while I was fixing supper, Parker came running into the kitchen and said, "Peyton keeps hurting himself on purpose!" He was barely finished saying that when an ear piercing scream came from my bedroom and Peyton had gotten hurt! He had been jumping off of our bed and had obviously hurt something. Jonathan and I went running back there to see him and he was limping and saying "my leg..." We got him calmed down and went on to eat our supper. After supper, he got down and was playing and walking on his leg but limping a little. Around 9pm, he began to scream with his leg and kept falling down. Everytime he would try to take a step, his knee would buckle and he would fall. He even fell backwards once. He would bear weight but did not want to take any steps! We kept debating on whether to just wait until morning or go to the E.R. now. Jonathan tried to stand him up once more and his knee buckled and Jonathan felt it and Peyton fell down! That was the final call...Jonathan said he needed to be seen! I was still dressed and Jonathan was already comfy for the evening so I said I would take him in for x-rays while Jonathan stayed home with the other two kids!

Peyton seemed to be fine as long as he was being held and would even stop crying! I had only been in the ER one other time in my life and that was with Jonathan for his knee injury! (What is it with these Walden boys and their knees???) Of course, Peyton was all cheary with the nurses and saying "Yee Haw" while they were checking him into a room! I immediately felt like I did not need to be there but it was too late! They already had us registered and check in for the night! I sat Peyton on the stretcher and he sees the digital clock on the wall that showed military time and the seconds were being displayed too! Peyton starts counting, "one, two, three, four, etc!" He kept starting over every time he got to ten! (I thought I was in big trouble if he was going to keep counting the entire time we were waiting on the nurse to come and see us!) He was all over the stretcher, being very rotten, and it was already almost 11pm!

When the nurse walked in the room, she just started laughing at me! I used to work with her on another floor in this hospital and I just began to roll my eyes when I saw her! She had me stand Peyton up and told him to walk for us! He looked at her and said, "No!" I finally got him to walk across the room and he walked just fine in there! (grrrrrrrr!) He then started jumping and stomping his feet! It was obvious that nothing was broken or he would have been screaming his head off at this point! The nurse asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the x-rays or not and I said for them to go ahead just so I would know for sure he was okay!

We headed over to x-ray and laid him on the table! At first he puckered a little seeing this big machine coming down on him but he never cried! (The nurse told me I could stay with him as long as there was no way I could be pregnant!!!!!) I told her that I have had a tubal and she could just go ahead and "fry those eggs" a little more just to be safe!!!! She cracked up but still made me wear a lead apron!

Back to the room we went after the x-rays but we had stickers to play with this time! Thanks x-ray department! When the nurse came back in to talk to us, I had race car stickers all over my chest and was feeling mighty proud!!!

Like I suspected, the x-rays were completely normal and he may have just sprained it a little but would be okay!
I go outside to leave and it was now sleating and slightly slick already! (Thanks a lot Peyton for making Mommy get out in the bad weather for nothing!) I called Jonathan on my way home to tell him we were on our way, that it was a completely wasted trip and how much it was going to cost us! Oh well, our minds were at ease and I said to him, "At least I now have something to blog about!!!"

When Peyton woke up this morning, he was limping a little and I was talking to my mom on the phone! I said to her, "Oh... I hope I had them x-ray the correct leg!" Wouldn't that have been terrible??? He is fine now and just as mean as ever!

I did tell the nurse that I was sure that at some point in Peyton's lifetime, we would be back with a broken bone!!!



I HATE those little "wasted trips" to the ER, grrrr!!! We had one with little Miss Kallee this summer when we thought she ate several pills from a girls purse. At least your mind is at ease when it is all said and done. Glad he had no broken bones!


Glad everything turned out okay! I'm sure he'll be back to jumping off the bed in no time flat!


We're so glad that Peyton is okay. But you are of these days he really is going to hurt himself. I call him "bulldozer" as he just pushes his way through to whatever he wants. I should have given the "all is okay" to Papaw. After I talked to Jonathan on my cell phone I didnt bother to relay the message to your dad & he said he had a very hard time going to sleep...thinking about Peyton, maybe having get up in the middle of the night to clear snow, & some other pressing problems. I had no idea he was still awake! Be careful, Little Peyton! We love you!


Wow! That was quite a story! I must admit I could hardly help but smile by the end of it. I wasn't smiling at your problems, just thinking about how unpredictable kids can be.


Aw, poor Peyton. And poor you for spending the money. I hate ER visits. I sit there and think about how much it's costing. It is ridiculous! Oh, well, at least you have peace of mind.


Isn't it just wonderful when those little monkeys give you a scare!

Angie Davis

I'm still in shock that my accident prone offspring haven't ended up in body casts yet. :)

Lady J

Life is never dull at your house! Who's raisin'are you paying for-your's or Jonathan's? :)

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Been there, done that! We've had to take our girls to ER each time I was pg with the next one. So both times Tony got to take them in for the xray. One dr so nicely inferred that I was responsible for an arm injury seen mostly from pulling the child by their hand or wrist. Nurse-maid injury. Made me mad that he would accuse me of that on the first visit ever. Gotta love the emergency room! (ps the above comment was mine.)


The last trip we made to the ER was for a cashew stuck up Lauren's nose. Kids sure keep our lives exciting!! I'm glad everything turned out ok.