Sunday, February 17, 2008

Parker's special prayer request!

Today in Jr Church they were taking their usual prayer requests and Parker had his hand up! He requested prayer for his "friend that was a baseball player for the New York Yankees who had died!" (He was wanting them to pray for Babe Ruth!!!!!!!!! ;) He also requested prayer for his Daddy's knee that he hurt over 2 years ago and for his Grandma who "had" been sick, and someone else who lived far, far away that was sick, but he couldn't remember who it was!! Whew... Glad I wasn't the teacher today! I would've had a hard time praying for "The Babe!"

He was very sincere though so we tried not to laugh about it! He really believes in the power of prayer and we do not want to hinder that!
(Just thought it was too cute not to share!)


Angie Davis

We'll all be sure to remember Babe Ruth in our nightly prayers, but I suspect it's a little late. :)


Cute! I'll never forget the time Steven requested prayer for George Washington.

Karen Walden

Michelle... That made me chuckle! Kids are so funny!

Angie Davis

(Connor once requested prayer for a baby that WASN'T on the way...)


We had someone request prayer for "Elvis Presely...he was born in the 1971 and died in 1976, he was the king of rock 'n roll." It was one of the mentally handicapped boys my sister used to care for. Our church was so very understanding of those boys. We loved 'em! But it has provided many chuckles down through the years of reminiscing. (acutally, he might be next on Parker's list, with Jonathan's love for the guy!)


I can just imagine the daily requests made at school during "prayer & pledge" time. :)


That is a hoot!!! :)


Remeber when Ryan Watkins would request prayer for the "lions & tigers"...after Doug & Becky Lyons had been at our church for a missionary service? I bet Jenny hears a lot of things from her Kindergarteners...or at least will next year! :)



Kids are so sweet when it comes to those prayer requests. We've had all kinds of them in our Jr. Church; animals (those that have died or that have ran away), sgt. in the Army, Mommy's that have fallen out of bed, sick horses, Mommy's that aren't prego, but the kid says she is, head lice, etc. Too cute!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Remember Angel the little girl at Bethel that requested prayer for her little brother who had gas? Now that I have kids of my own I know that anything can come out of their mouths! Too cute!


Anna - I remember that. It so funny!!