Friday, February 15, 2008

Our "romantic" evening...

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Jonathan had a haircut scheduled for 5:30pm on Valentine's day! (As you can imagine, I was thrilled beyond words that he had chosen Feb 14th to get a haircut for himself as well as the boys!) I failed to mention that he does not get his haircut here in our town!!! After living in Columbus for almost 12 years now, he continues to drive 30 minutes away because she is the only person that can cut his hair!
So... I decided that Paige and I would ride along so we could be together for Valentine's day! (I also had in mind that he could take us out to eat afterwards!) We arrived on time for his appointment but of course, the hairdresser was running behind! I sat in the car with the twins for over an hour before Jonathan and Parker were done! She didn't even have time to cut Peyton's hair! (I was really enjoying my Valentine's Day evening!! :)
For our supper, I had chosen a small Mexican restaurant close by and we thought it wouldn't be too crowded! Afterall, who wants authentic Mexican on Valentine's Day?! (EVERYBODY!) The place was packed! They were able to seat us fairly quickly and we devoured the basket of chips and salsa in no time! We kept thinking it was taking an extremely long time to get our food! The waiter kept coming by an saying "Sorry Amigo!" We finally found out they were short on cooks that night! Finally over an hour later, we got our food! The kids were completely starved and had pigged out on goldfish and cereal that I found in the diaper bag! They devoured their spanish rice and Parker licked his plate clean!
I started not feeling so hot half way through my meal and was ready to be home! When Jonathan went to pay, the guy at the register told him, "You don't owe anything!" Jonathan kept saying, "Are you sure? It's okay, etc!"
In the end, Jonathan got off really cheap for his Valentine's date ($4.00 tip!) and it pretty much killed the entire evening! I was sure glad I didn't have anything else planned for that night! It was practically bedtime when our vehicle rolled in the driveway!
Oh well, I spent it with my sweethearts and that is all that matters!!! was your Valentine's Day???


Angie Davis

Um, equally bad actually. Glad I'm not alone... :)


At least you and Jonathan had already celebrated alone the weekend before!

We had a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake, cheesy bread and a cinnamon wheel and just stayed home.

Jody J

We had a bad one too! :) I won't go into it now, but you're not alone. At least we got to be out together. We did enjoy that, but didn't really enjoy the dining experience! I think next year we'll wait until the next week to celebrate!


LOL Oh my.............! :)