Wednesday, February 13, 2008 gotta love em'

I can't begin to explain how much fun it is having two 2 year olds in our house! It seems like they get into more mischief every day! For some reason, they absolutely love playing in our bathroom! The other day, Parker was in the shower and they were pushing on our trackless shower door! Somehow, they got the door off of the wheel track and jammed it closed! There stood Parker, dripping wet, and scared to death that he was going to be stuck in there until Daddy got home! (I finally managed to get it open enough for him to squeeze out!)
Peyton loves to play with toothbrushes and mine in particular! On Sunday night, they were finally being quiet and were in our room watching a DVD. So, I decided to go spy on them! There stood Peyton, being quite the angel watching the movie, but he had my toothbrush hanging out of his mouth!
Then there was the nice discovery at 5:45am yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work! I opened my bathroom drawer than holds my toothbrush and toothpaste, found my drawer floating in shower gel and an empty shower gel container laying there with no cap on it! My drawer smelled nicely but I was not happy! Also... I have 3 toothbrushes that are normally in that drawer and there was not a one to be found! I had to wake Jonathan up to ask him if he had seen my toothbrushes! (He had taken them from the twins the night before and hid them from them as well as me also!) What a lovely way to begin the day!
Just as I began to write this post, Parker came to me and said, "Look what I found in my room!" You guessed it... two of my toothbrushes! (They have their own kid toothbrushes but for some reason they only like mine! I think I will donate mine to them and go buy me a new kiddie toothbrush! Maybe they will leave it alone!)
Jonathan is home sick today and I feel bad for him! He is not going to get much rest around here with three rugrats that are alive and well running around!
Signing off to shower and start my mountain of laundry...


Angie Davis

Poor Jonathan--I can sympathize, since I'm at the office with a fever. :( And I too have learned to keep my toothbrush out of reach.


Lauren loves toothbrushes, also. She is always getting into her sisters bathroom drawers and playing with their toothbrushes. I have to keep mine out of reach or she would play with it too. I had to start putting the toothpaste way up in the closet because she likes to eat it. Yuk!!Have fun catching up on your laundry!!


My bathroom was always a magnet and I had cleaned up so many messes that I decided it was time to choose my battles. I just shut the door and put a child-proof lock on it. Worked wonders! The kids' bathroom and the downstairs bathroom is totally child-proof so I can leave them open. However, the girls still like to stop up the sink, fill it with water and give their dolls a bath......(rolling eyes and sighing big)They usually come out soaking wet with water on the floor!

Hope Jonathan starts to feel better!


I was at Jeff's the other day & found the boys in the bathroom. Carter had been "pee-ing" like a good 3 year old. But there stood Brycen with a toothbrush in hand, watching his big brother. Before I could grab it-he tossed it in the toilet! :) I quickly retrieved it, tried to scrub it up & put it back in place. Not sure if it was Mommy's or Daddy's! Ya never know where those toothbrushes have been.....


Oh my, my!! Two year olds! :)

Lady J

Keep that illness at your house! I'm trying to keep healthy! I think you should write a song about Toothbrushes!


How about "Oh where is my toothbrush? Oh where is my toothbrush? Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh my toothbrush?" Okay, that wasn't very original, but it immediately came to mind at the suggestion to write a song! lol! (which may actually be what Lady J was referring too...)

Anyway...I can't say quite yet that I really miss those days :) But I'm sure someday I will. And I certainly can't imagine doing it all times two!


lol, your story just cracked me up! I can't imagine having two 2 year olds around. Trevin is enough for me. He too, LOVES the bathroom. Thankfully he can't reach my toothbrush, but he can the toilet paper. The messes he makes!!!!! Sorry to hear about Jonathan, poor guy.

Sherry Gates

EVERY time I think about having another baby I read your blog and well....not really I never even think of it! Couldn't anyway! Yeh, you will miss this someday or at least miss the "littleness" of the kiddos!