Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The prayers continue...

Tonight after supper, Parker told Jonathan that today while he was playing his Playstation 2 baseball game, he "prayed to Jesus to make Derek Jeter to hit a home run...and he DID!" (I think we are going to have to have a talk really soon...)


Angie Davis

Oh dear--we still haven't finished raising Babe Ruth...


Too cute! It's great - he really believes in prayer!


He and Steven would get along great. Steven is addicted to his PS2 baseball game and football game. He is VERY competitive though and we are trying to work on that aspect.

Jody J

That kid must have great faith! You must be doing something right!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Hey, if you let these pros know about his direct connections they might want to sign him up too.

Jonathan Walden

I am just going to ask that he prays for me not to get hurt when I am playing!