Monday, February 4, 2008


Jonathan has been practicing his guitar all weekend to play on a recording on Tuesday afternoon. He really enjoys doing things like this even though he drives his family crazy! He has completely taken over Parker's room and sat up his bass and amp in there with cords everywhere, etc! At least it should all be over tomorrow night!

Since Jonathan has been playing his guitar a lot lately, Parker wanted to take his little acoustic guitar and play it during the service last night at church. Jonathan brought it and Parker sat up on the front row and strummed away with all the rest of the musicians! Jonathan and I had to sing the special so I didn't notice Parker when he walked back to his seat but Mom said he was sucking his thumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kept sucking on his thumb during our song and Mom asked him, "Parker, you don't suck your thumb, why are you doing that?" He said, "I hurt my fingers up there playing my guitar!" Sure enough, he had a little blister!!!! (Jonathan has been complaining about sore fingers too! :)

Life has been pretty boring around here lately! Sorry for the infrequent posts! Maybe once Spring arrives we will have more activities going on around the Walden household!


Angie Davis

Connor's been playing during service lately too and he always comes back acting like he's got a crippled arm!