Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This week's menu plan...

Okay! I decided to join the trend and let you know what our menu looks like for this week! (This is what happens when you work full-time 12 hour shifts and have so many kids they can't fit in the cart at the grocery store!!! :)
  • Monday~Fazoli's
  • Tuesday~Long John Silver's
  • Wednesday~McDonald's (on the way to church)
  • Thursday~Johnny Carino's
  • Friday~Dinner with friends~Spaghetti and Lasagna
  • Saturday~Texas Roadhouse
  • Sunday~Dinner at Mom's


Angie Davis

I like that menu!


I cracked up when I read your menu...girl, I'd weigh 500 pounds!! At least there are no dishes to clean up afterwards..that IS a plus. How many days a week do you work?

Karen Walden

Michelle...I work 3 twelve hour shifts each week plus mandatory "call time." It basically is "on call" each week for 4-12 hours, depending on how I signed up! (I soooo wish I was just part-time or PRN!)
Sadly, we do eat out way more than we should with my schedule! (I usually end up grabbing something to go on the way home at almost 8 o'clock! That is why we have gained so much weight! Plus, no time to work out!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, at least we are happy! :)
I just wish I was home to have a menu like you and Tamra!


That's funny!!


I completely understand,Karen. If I had to be gone until 8:00 three nights a week, I'm sure my crockpot would get a good workoput and we'd eat out quite a bit.


Whew....I like that kind of menu. I know what you mean, we have eaten out way too much, trying to do much better, but when you are bone tired it is much easier to pull through the drive thru.

Adam & Val

Great menu...wish we had all those restaurants in Cayman! I haven't been wanting a big meal at all, so it is SOO hard to think of something to do for supper or somewhere to go... :( Any ideas for the non-meateating, snacky pregnant lady? :)


I had to smile when I saw your menu. But I totally understand with your schedule. Not everyone has the time to cook.

Sherry Gates

Karen, do you want to hire a cook/babysitter? If so, can I please apply first? I also do laundry and clean!

Jonathan Walden

Please be at our house at 8am in the morning!



Jonathan...aren't you supposed to be working??? Instead of reading blogs?

(I'm sure you'll find some smart reply.) :)


Jonathan Walden

You have to do something to stay awake in long boring meetings!

Angie Davis

(Just laughing!)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

We are on the same dinner menu this week. Just so you don't feel like the odd one out, we eat out way too much but you have to do what you have to do. When we went back to Philly to Greg's parents they told Greg that it looked like his wife was feeding him good and I was thinking, "It's all of that fast food that we've been eating!"

Nathan and Tricia

I totally understand this menu plan. I also do the three 12 hour shifts; needless to say, cooking is not one of my favored tasks during those days.

Jody J

This is too funny! Sounds like a plan to me!


Hey, at least you have a PLAN! ;) Usually when we eat it out (which is also too often), it takes us 15 minutes to decide which restaurant we want (as if it's our last supper or something). ;)


Now THAT's my kind of menu!! So far this week I've cooked both meals (and actually Sunday too since Tony was sick) and my husband has been so happy. lol! He thinks it's a record. Sunday was ham and scalloped potatoes with corn, broccoli w/cheese and garlic cheese biscuits from Schwann's. Monday was spaghetti and green beans. Last night was tacos and mixed veggies and tonight is bubble-up pizza and salad.


Works for me!!!