Saturday, February 9, 2008

A fun lunch...

Parker thorougly enjoyed being with Connor!

We had an absolutely fabulous time with the Davis gang today at Chili's! We survived quite nicely despite being outnumbered by kiddos too! We were able to enjoy some adult conversation and have a few hearty laughs as well! (Pretty easy to laugh when you are with Gene and Angie!) Our poor waitress probably thought we would never leave! Again...thanks so much for the invitation and we look forward to being with you for VBS this summer!

Kent was the angel of the afternoon!

Connor teaching Parker to play cards with the coasters!
(At least that's our side of the story! :)

Peyton having fun with Kent!

Now...Rev and Mrs Johnson, the pressure is on for you all! We can get together if you are ever available! We have only been trying to get together for how many years now?!?! :) We know you are busy!

I have a hiliarious picture of Angie and I outside the restaurant! She looks fabulous but my "poof" is standing at attention thanks to the nice wind we had today! Don't think I have the nerve to post that one! Sorry...

Don't any of you try to blow this picture up!!!


Gene Davis

Thanks for such a great time and we are looking forward to VBS this year!!

Angie Davis

If that's a good picture of me, I'd hate to see what I look like in a bad one! :) (Signing off to go drown myself in wrinkle cream...)

Angie Davis

Oh yes: Karen, DO enjoy those beads--you earned 'em, and Jonathan, we're so glad you didn't lower your standards... ;)

Jody J

Looks like fun! I'll have to check my calendar. (Don't I sound important? I'll see when I can fit you in. ;))


Thats so nice that you all were able to get together. Glad you survived:)

Judith Atnip

We don't have to try to enlarge the photo. It is much bigger on Gene's site, and you can enlarge it even more by clicking on it. :-)

Angie Davis

Shame on you, Judith!

Judith Atnip

OH ANGIE!!!!! :-)
What is wrong with the photo?

Angie Davis

Hmmm, hair down, black, squinty eyes...should I continue? :)


It's always fun hanging out with friends! :)