Thursday, February 28, 2008

First time for everything...

Well, I guess I had a senior moment earlier tonight and did something I had never done before! (After I got off work, I met Jonathan and the kids for supper! No, it wasn't Johnny Carino's either! :) When we were finished, I started digging through my purse to get my keys! No luck... not in my coat pocket either! I had parked way down at the end of the lot so I trotted off in hopes to find my vehicle unlocked!!! luck! The doors were locked and there was my shiny key chain hanging from the steering column!!! Oh no! I had to tell Jonathan I needed a ride home with him! Needless to say, he was not bragging on me any!!! He hauled us all home, grabbed his set and back to town we go! Parker kept asking, "Mom, why did you leave your car at the restaurant?" "Why are you riding with us?" "Why did you lock your keys in the car?" I was feeling pretty brilliant by this time! Anyway, I got my vehicle and off to Kroger's I went! No real damage done! Lesson learned tonight though..."Only lock my vehicle with my keypad in hand, never from the door panel it self!"

Thanks for all your input on my dessert for tomorrow evening. I think I will try the cake recipe with Carmel, cool whip and heath bars! I am planning on trying the others as well, just not all in one evening! They all sound yummy!



I did that once in college and had to wait on the police after I got off work. Luckily, a couple of other people from GBS worked with me and waited, too. Taught me a far...knock on wood...the way I've been thinking lately, it's hard telling what I'll do. :)

Angie Davis

At least you didn't lock yourself out at midnight in a town half an hour from home. (Gene nearly killed me for that one...)


I haven't done that yet (knock on wood) but I have done some other crazy things...Rodney usually says I've been into my "stash" (i.e. I've been taking something and quite loopy).

Jody J

Oh, I hate it when that happens! :) Hope your day is better today. Have fun with your friends tonight! Travis checked our calendar - finally and we have no weekends in March! Can you guys ever get together on a week night? We'll have to see . . .

Karen Walden

Jody...weeknights would be an option with us as long as I know ahead of time. My schedule comes out for 6 weeks at a time. I just work 3 days a week and Jonathan usually gets off around 5 or a little after. If we met somewhere, it might be 6pm??? Would that ever work????


Don't feel bad, been there and done that, too many times! I'm sure Jonathan has NEVER done something as stupid as that, that is probably why he was so concerned for you, HA!

Gene Davis

It's all down hill from here....poor Jonathan!!


Your blog template is really cute!

Thanks for your comment about my baby bump. I agree with you...although I feel like I'm big for 6 months, I don't feel like there could be twins in that "basketball"...for this is what I looked like with my other 3 children too.
Have a great day. =)