Friday, February 8, 2008

Hot Date tonight!!!

Jonathan and I are getting a night on the town without kids! Thanks to our babysitter, Alicia! We are going to Indy tonight and eating at Ruth's Chris! (Hope they don't try to serve us champagne again!) This will be our Valentine's celebration too as Jonathan has a haircut appointment on Valentine's day at 5:30pm! How romantic is that?!?!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Have a great time! Every couple needs "adult only" time on occasion. It helps us appreciate and love our kids even more.

Karen Walden

Tamra! I love to "get away" on occasion but then can't wait to get back home to see my kids! :)

Jody J

Have fun! I think we're going to actually get to go out on Valentine's Day! We've even got a volunteer babysitter for Pastor Appreciation! How cool is that?
Glad you have a babysitter. If I lived close I'd babysit for ya. :) Free. . . of course. I guess I could drive down and charge .10/mile. ;) (That fee sound familiar?)


We usually go out on a different night than Valentine's b/c of the crowd. I think we have gift certificates for a really nice restuarant (Tony got for Christmas from a client). It was my suggestion to use them since it's not a restaurant we would usually go to and we wouldn't take the kids - can't think of the name...