Thursday, January 31, 2008

We love our neighbors...

On Tuesday morning, Jonathan was taking Parker into preschool and saw one of our neighbor's. She asked him if he would like 4 Pacer tickets for that evening. He told her he would check with me and let her know. (She has offered us tickets multiple times and every time before, I was working!) We ended up accepting her tickets and got Grandpa and Grandma Walden to babysit the twins!

We got a free parking pass along with our free tickets and were completely amazed when we got to our seats and a lady came up to us and said she would be our server for the evening! (They don't have waitresses in the $10.00 seats in the top section of the building!!!)

Severe weather whipped through downtown Indy that night and they came across the sound system to alert us but no one took cover! (We were probably safest right where we were!) Parker had an absolute blast and was too excited to even eat his food! He never once asked if the game was almost over and even got after Jonathan and I for talking during the game!! A total sports nut...

The Pacers ended up losing as usual and we fought the 80mph winds home! It was a fun night and we are greatful to have such nice neighbors! (Jonathan says if she offers him tickets again, he is going anyway, whether I work or not! They have awesome season tickets!)



Too cute! He is a little sports nut!!!!

Even though you are expecting it, it's still kind of a letdown when they lose, isn't it? BTDT...!! LOL :)

You definitely have some nice neighbors.


Free parking along was worth it. I hate when you think it only costs x amount for the ticket but don't think to factor in parking money and the expensive food!! ARGH! We've learned after a few times.


How fun! Looks like you had some awesome seats! We were listening to that game on the radio until the storm came our way. I LOVE going to Pacer games.
Every now and then, I get the season tickets that my bosses have. Right by the tunnel where the Pacers come onto the court.