Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We caught Angie's germs...

Today when I picked Parker up from school, he begged for McDonald's and said it would help his tummy to feel better! I chalked it up that he was really hungry and headed staight for the golden arches! We took our food to my mom's and brought her lunch as well! Before we left, Parker went running into the bathroom and was trying to heave his lunch! (I was really needing to go to town for diapers, ketchup, you name it, etc but decided we better scoot on home quickly!) He was really quiet on the trip home and at one point yelled, "Hurry up and get home quick!" By the time we got home, both babies were asleep and I started to carry Peyton inside! Parker went running in ahead of me and didn't say a word! As I was laying Peyton in his bed, I heard that dreaded sound of barf going into the toilet! Of course, Peyton's bed was full of toys, he had his shoes on, jacket, etc! By the time I got to Parker, he said, "I am okay now!" (Boy did I feel terrible, letting my 5 year old fin for himself!!!) I got him all cleaned up and into bed and headed back out to grab Paige who was still sleeping soundly in the SUV! I was hoping Parker had just gotten car sick but that was just wishful thinking. He has gotten sick since then at least hourly and now has a fever to boot! I feel like I have a knot in my stomach after cleaning up so much puke today! I know I will get it too! Good grief this stuff is soooooo contagious!
The twins have been total terrors since Parker has been sick! I think they know I am busy with him and are just seeing how much they can get by with! Their time is coming though, Paige took a big gulp out of Parker's straw tonight! (Ugh...)
Of course, Jonathan has once again scheduled himself to be out of town when the flu bug hits! How convenient that he is off playing the bass guitar and having fun!
To top my day off, the cabin rental place from Tennessee called us today and told us that the cabin we had rented for this July got sold as of yesterday and is no longer available! So...I have spent countless hours online today between barfing sessions looking for another cabin that is similar to what he had already booked!
All in all it has been a blessed day! Still blessing the Lord at all times! (Even though it is hard today!)
Now where is my Lysol???



Sorry to hear about Parker. Hopefully the rest of you dodge it.

and I'm not saying anything like I did on Denise's blog! It came back to bite me in the heiney that very night.

Angie Davis

Ick! Feeling many nauseated pains of sympathy for you, my dear. I'm starting to wonder if it's the McDonald's food.

Angie Davis

And what's with blaming the BLONDE?!!!


It's that computer virus, Angie. Don't you know you can sick and even die from those? (ask Pastor or Grandma Mowery :)

Jody J

Yeah, I think it's our computers giving us these viruses! ;)
Hope everyone is better soon!


I know exactly what you are going through. Sorry to hear that it hit your family as well. Ours didn't last long, so maybe you will be that lucky. I'll be praying for you.


this is from travis's mom: who raised twins also (travis and susan). pool little parker will be like my oldest son Kevin he use to say when he was growing up "mom, when i leave home i never want to see these kids again". of course that has changed and they are all close now. i feel for you: been there, done that and boy there is something to be said when the kids leave the nest.