Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary Garry and Carol!

(That is me and my Mom on the left! Beautiful huh?! :)

Today is my Aunt and Uncle's 21st wedding anniversary! Valentine's day happened to fall on a Saturday the year they were married! We have some hilarious memories of being in your wedding! What a wild weekend that was for all of us! Have a great Anniversary and enjoy your night on the plaza there in Kansas City! We love you both!

Still looking great after 21 years of marriage!



Wow! A lot of water has gone under that bridge. :) Happy anniversary, Little Sis! I'll never forget being stranded in the dressing room while Karen prissed around upstairs in my size 16 dress...leaving me not able to squeeze into her size 6!!! And remember that tower of orange peels Jeff had on his table at the reception? Have a great night out. Yeeeee Doggies! :)

Karen Walden were NOT supposed to tell that part! :)


Do you want me to tell the "Garfield story"?

Nettie's Nook

Would love to hear the Garfield story!

Nettie's Nook

First glance I thought that it was you & Jonathan!

Karen Walden

Don't tell everything you know Mom! :)


I'll say a LOT of water has gone under that bridge! We ALL looked like babies. Yeah, let's talk about the "Garfield" story! :) There are quite a few memory makers I can think of. Thanks for the post, Karen Lynn.
Miss you and love you bunches!
Aunt Carol


My lips are sealed! At least for a little while.... Maybe that would be something for me to blog about. :)