Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road trip...

Tonight we are planning on going to a viewing for our sister-in-law's Grandfather. The viewing will be in Indianapolis which isn't too far away for us. Parker however, gets extremely car sick on rides that are very long at all. Jonathan was telling Parker that we had to go somewhere in Indianapolis tonight. Parker replied, "Are you kidding me? I will get sea sick!" :) Jonathan then proceeded to tell them that we would see Grandpa and Grandma Walden, Uncle Don, Aunt Cammie and Jennie! Parker looked at him and said, "Is somebody dying or something?" (Is that the only time he thinks we get with the Walden's???) Good grief...

It is starting to spit snow here now and I haven't heard the latest forecast, but I doubt it will be enough to keep us home. Jonathan thinks he can go anywhere as long as he has 4-wheel drive!


Lady J

When I need a good laugh I tune in to your blog to read about the latest Walden kid escapade! Be careful tonight! We don't want you needing more than Dramamine!

Angie Davis

Hope you make it to Indy without anyone upchucking in the SUV. :)

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I feel for him. I had the same problem when I was little. As for four wheel drive, we have it too but on ice it only helps you get back out of the ditch!


Oh that is sad and funny! loL!! I don't think I ever threw up from being car sick but I certainly feel green all over. Even as an adult very often!

Karen Walden

I think Parker gets it from me! I have never gotten sick in the car either but often do not feel well when I am trying to read in the car or if we are on curvy roads! He has been this way since birth and hasn't grown out of it yet!
I did make him take a half of a Dramamine last night and he didn't get sick! I always take a "bucket" of some sort for long trips too! He does fine on roller coasters, etc! Just can't take his Daddy's driving I guess! :)


That is so adorable. Poor little guy. I hope he made it ok.