Monday, March 3, 2008

Heroes of Faith

Yesterday in our Jr Church, we started a new theme! We are discussing Everyday Heroes as well as Heroes of the Bible! We had a guest speaker that was an Indiana State Policeman! The kids loved hearing him speak and were especially excited when he let them sit in his police car, showed them his equipment, gave them badge stickers, color books, etc! I was able to snap several pictures of the kids enjoying their time with the policeman! Thanks so much Jason for coming and talking to the kids! They loved it and we really appreciate your time! We have several other guest speakers scheduled over the next two months so I will try to post some of them as well! You may know some of them!
We won't be able to attend the Bus Convention in Pennsylvania this year, but would love to be able to attend and come back more encouraged and fired up! I hear next year it will be close to us so we will have to make plans to attend!

Front of Jr ChurchOffering jackets and hats

My cousin, Kevin Thompson, taking up offering

Showing them how his Billyclub works
My nephew Carter and niece Kerrigan
Parker in the driver's seatEnjoying his time with the Policeman
Jonathan with friend, Jason Duncan


Jody J

That is awesome. The kids will remember that for a long time. The room looks great too!


Looks like fun ~ keep up the good work!


Very neat! Like the theme decorations.


Love the pictures! (Especially since some are my grandkids & newphew!) You & Jenny--with much of Wesley's help!--did a great job decorating. Have fun with the rest of the "Heros"!


Angie Davis

I love that theme! (May have to steal it sometime...) We're already working on the materials for this summer.

Lady J

Can't wait to do my Sunday!


That is sooo COOL!!! I wish we would do themes in our our class (are you reading this G & A)?!?! I just feel by having exciting, themes with new ideas, makes the kids want to keep coming back for more! I got a ton of ideas at bus convention and would LOVE to start using some of them! Don't miss BC next year, it will be in Indy, YEAH!!!


What a neat idea! Looks like the kids really enjoyed it.

Jonathan Walden

Thanks Jason for coming, the kids had a great time and still talk about it.