Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat...

Halloween 2007


Angie Davis

That is too cute! I think Cookie Monster is my favorite. :)


They are SOOOO cute!!! :)


Cutie patooties!


The kids were so cute in their costumes!

Jody J

Did trick or treating do you in? :) I know I'm a good one to talk - I hadn't updated for several days. Just thought I should check on ya!


Looks like Cookie Monster needs renamed to Candy Monster :) Too cute!! But those graveyard and garage door picks were nasty! Kerrigan would have had nightmares. She freaks out about anything like that in the store. My girls saw a foot hanging out someone's tailgate the other day and freaked out until I reassured them it was fake.

Lady J

I love your pictures and your postings! Guess what-I have two new postings-check it out.

Aunt Carol

I know you've been busy and crazy with working, but we NEED and update! How is Buddy??? How about a pic of your favorite puppy with the most adorable kiddies???

Karen Walden

Busy working 44+ hours this week, too busy to post! Will try to update tomorrow night after work! (If I can keep my eyes open!)