Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Sweetest Day!

Happy Sweetest Day to my sweet hubby who is home with our three kids today while I work 12 hours! (We don't even celebrate this holiday, I was just looking for something to post! HA!) He is a wonderful husband and daddy though and I just want to say, "I love you Jonathan!" Hope you have a wonderful day at home with our "sweet" kids! HA!!!!!!


Angie Davis

Thanks for reminding us! Apparently we're getting old...

Steve Hight

Yeah, I forgot, too. Kathy and I just worked around the house today. I did buy her a Frosty, but not 'cause it was Sweetest Day.

Jon, go check my answer to your response about Smoke and Home Depot.


We don't celebrate it either b/c we have too many other things we celebrate between Oct 9 and Nov 6...our first date, our wedding and the day we got engaged (actually we don't celebrate the last one but we reminisce) and with this being our 15th year together (one year before the wedding) we are commemorating every date. So Sweetest Day actually pales in comparison to all these :)