Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How much is that doggy in the window???

Well, Jonathan tried! He really did, but Buddy is going back to Kansas! He called my Aunt Carol tonight and explained our situation with the dog and she has consented to take him back! Parker is okay with it, he has found out how much work it is to take care of a little dog! We all agree that we are just not ready for a dog at this point in our lives! It was a great try but we just aren't home enough to take care of Buddy, and have enough spills and messes from our own three kids! Carol will be coming out for Thanksgiving and that is when Buddy will say his goodbyes to us! It will be kind of sad for the kids but we feel they will be okay with it! Thanks so much Carol for briefly giving us one of your dogs! It was fun trying it and we have had some funny experiences with him for sure!



Poor Buddy & Parker :-(


It's Gene's fault :)


Ahhh...Too bad we didn't know before we went to California! Uncle Steve could use a companion!!! (Of course he is never home either.) Maybe a "small" outdoor would be better...

Gwama Sheila


puppy...I left out the word "puppy" Oops!

Steve & I grew up with these dogs. We used to fight over who was going to get to sleep with Dusty!

Karen Walden

I'll let Buddy come sleep with you until Aunt Carol comes! (He might leave you a treat in your bed though!!!)

Angie Davis

(A fancy treat on a pillow--just like in a fancy hotel... Karen, I dare you!)

Karen Walden

Angie, it would be easy to do with Buddy around! Ugh!

Sherry Gates

Well, at least you did try and now you know! I hope Parker does alright with it. Of course, he will have Christmas to take his mind off of it!;)

Jonathan Walden

With a tear in the corner of my eye, I invite you all to watch the following video!

Karen Walden

Even I had to chuckle Jonathan! You are so bad... Poor Buddy!

Steve Hight

Hey, it's not fair to blame Gene! The puppy had a fair chance and blew it, right Jon? I don't see how Gene can be held responsible.

As to Jonathan's song of rejoicing - well, it certainly repeats that key word a lot, especially toward the end.

Angie Davis



I hear ya Karen, we aren't ready for one either! I told the kids, if you can't feed them, bath them and clean up after them, you WILL NOT have one!!! I am NOT an animal fan, but I was willing to give them a chance and after having 24 dogs/puppies in a 7 yr. time is true 24 it is a LONG story!!!