Monday, October 29, 2007

"I'd rather be old fashioned..."

Yesterday was our 2nd Old Fashioned Day and Pastor Appreciation Day at our church. I won't bore you with the same details so check out Annette's and Jenny Grissom's Blog. It was a special treat this year for Jonathan and I to have his sister, LuRhe and brother-in-law Jonathan Edwards and our 3 nephews and niece with us for the day! We don't get to be together very often so we really enjoyed our family time together! Jonathan Edwards gave us a wonderful message about "Bringing back the glory" and we got to hear several songs from their family. Sunday evening was an entire service full of singing and a great ending to a fun day! We really enjoy this tradition and hope to continue it for many years!
Old Fashioned Day 2007



Great pictures, Karen. Make that "great--great Uncle Brayton"!
It was fun. Maybe one of these days I can find an old dress. :)


Karen Walden

WOW! Guess he is Great-Great... :)


Thanks for posting the pictures, Karen! I really enjoyed them. It looks like it was a fun day for everyone!

When Leighton and I were dating, we had Jonathan & LuRhe at our church in revival and Jacienda was their only baby. :) She loved Leighton and he babysat her during the services for most of the revival! LOL She has turned into a lovely young lady. (I feel OLD!) :)

Jody J

You guys look so cute! I'm sure Jonathan enjoys being called "cute". Sorry I never got back with you on getting together. It has been absolutely crazy around here. We will be gone this weekend and then maybe it will slow down some. I'll e-mail you sometime.

Angie Davis

Looks like a lot of fun. And on the upside, now you have your new IHC dress. :)


Looks like you all had a great time! You all look so neat in your outfits! --What was Heather's maiden-name? I think I might know her?


Great costumes!

Steve Hight

Thanks for sharing the photos, Karen. They brought back some memories and caused a chuckle or two.


Looks like fun!

Yep, Janiece, you know Heather. Her maiden name is Osborne. Her little girl is a doll!


Michelle -- I thought that was her, but I wasn't for sure. I will have to email you to get her email if you have it. I would love to say hi to her.