Monday, October 1, 2007

Snotty noses, shots, screams, sore thighs...

Sound like a fun day? We had a visit with Dr. Guse first thing this morning! Boy did we ever cause an uproar in the doctor's office!!! The twins were getting their 18 month shots a little late and Parker was getting his Kindergarten shots since he recently turned #5! (I thought I might as well make them all mad at once instead of taking him back by himself later!)

We had told Parker that he would only be getting 2 shots today. However, we found out when we got there that they were out of the MMR combo and he had to get 3 separate shots for the MMR instead! I agreed for them all to get their Flu shots which gave them all another poke! (Parker was NOT thrilled!) I held his arms down while two nurses went after his thighs! He screamed and I tried to muffle his mouth! He ended up getting 5 shots instead of the 2 we promised!!! (Ooops!) He says he is never going back to that doctor again!!! (I didn't realize that when I agreed to the Flu shot it was a two part deal! They all have to return in a month for the "rest of the story!") Parker would probably just rather take his chances of getting the flu!!!
Miss. Paige's iron level was low so she now has to be on Iron drops once a day! It smells nasty and the bottle says to be sure to rinse her teeth after giving it! (It has other nasty side effects too which I won't elaborate on!!! :) In the meantime, I guess I need to try to get her eating more food high in iron!!! (Dr. Guse said she is just already being our high-maintenance child!!!)

They were all cranky afterwards but a little McDonald's and Tylenol cheered them right up! They are now back to their normal selves, fighting, wiping their snot all over me, trashing the house, etc!!! On that note... I have a messy house calling my name! Hope your Monday has been better than mine...


Jody J

You poor thing. I know it has to be worse when it's "times two".


I can't believe after all you went through today that you didn't come to the S.H.A.R.E. meeting. :)


What's up with all the snotty noses? Both my kids have that and the coughs. Do you think it's allergies?

Angie Davis

Connor hates shots, so we decided to do the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine last year. It was equally awful! He thought they were trying to drown him and tried to kick a pregnant nurse!

Karen Walden

Angie, that's hilarious! They mentioned the Flu spray but only after they had already given the shots! I can't believe it is a two-part deal now! (The adult one isn't!)

Tamra, I don't know what it is but Peyton has been coughing his head off every night. They all three have terribly snotty noses but got their ears checked yesterday and were all okay! They just look so discusting with snot running down their lips!!! Ugh...


Yep, I think it's allergies and/or this crazy weather that can't decide what it wants to or cold. Karen, my sister only got partway with her twins shots and then one had a reaction so was advised not to finish then with either child. Lucky her, I guess. I never had too much trouble with the girls. Getting Janae's levels checked every 3 months was my dread. (she has congenital hypothyroidism)


Wow, I just realized that post didn't sound very encouraging. So figured I better get back on here and say, I feel sorry for you. And they keep adding more and more to the list! ugh!

Karen Walden

Sara: The good new is that the twins are now done with mandatory shots until they go to "K" like Parker! Just this 2nd Flu shot if I decided to return!!! Parker is done completely too! They all have survived fine and did fine during the night. Parker was just whining about his sore legs this morning. I bet they are sore with 5 pokes in them!!! :) Poor kid...


You are such a mean mommy -- I would never do that to my kids. HAHA -- but I did! We went for Steven's 7-year appt and I assured him there would be no shots. Well, guess what? There are new shots out that are recommended but not yet mandatory although their MD sees is as being mandatory in the near future so I decided to go ahead and do it. He got 2 shots. Ashlee has her kindergarten shots last year, a year early, so she shouldn't have gotten any and neither should've Kelcee but I had them done too. I am so cruel. I do remember one was a chickenpox booster they now recommend and a hepatitis which is 2 part.

I've never done the flu shots with the kids. I've never had one done for myself either.

Hope the kids get over their snotty noses soon. Luckily (knock on wood) we haven't had a very bad case of that yet.


I looked it up just to make sure I was right and it was a hepatitis A shot that is out now and is 2-part. Not mandatory yet, though.

Karen Walden

That is part of what the twins got! They didn't even given me an option!
It was so funny, Dr Guse said, "What about Flu shots?" I said, "Sure" and Parker chimed in, "Sure!" He had no idea he had agreed to another shot for himself.
They all got the initial flu shot last year too. I always have to get it at the hospital. Jonathan got it last year and got the intestional flu. He was mad because he thought his "flu" shot was to cover that! Says he won't ever get another flu shot again!!! HEE HEE!!!


So Parkers prayer request was in vain?!?! LOL

Karen Walden

Parker's prayer request in Jr Church on Sunday was for them to pray for him and the babies as they were to get shots on Monday and he said he wasn't going to cry!!! (At least Peyton barely whimpered...)


What are you doing to all your patients over in OB Karen?!?!? Lol. Busy day!! Hope you dont have work this weekend:-)


Your poor son, Parker!! Had to get extra pokes. That was cute when he said he was never going back to the doctor again! I hope they are all doing a lot better.


Karen - you have the best blog EVER! Parker's dog is adorable and I can't wait to see it. Your story about the trip to Dr.Guse was quite about some furious kids! I would be mad at you too if you poked my rear-end 5 different times. Mean MOMMY! :+)

One more thing: Why are there hardly EVER photos of you on this page? I see the kids and JW all the time, but your beautiful face seems to be incognito all the time.