Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy #40th Duane and Luana...

Today is my cousin's #40th wedding anniversary! (Luana and my Mom are first cousin's making her my 2nd!) Duane and Luana live in Overland Park, Kansas and had a nice dinner out on Friday evening with their two daughter's and son-in-laws! They have 7 grandson's and 1 granddaughter! I just heard tonight they have another one on the way!! (More power to ya Paula... :) Their youngest daughter is only 4 days older than me. Our families have a lot of great memories of times together when we kids were growing up! Visiting them in Fulton, Missouri, Debbie begging Dad to tell a joke, Lu banging the girls heads with a brush, camping memories, etc! I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share these wedding photos with you! My mom was the matron of honor! Check our Lu's "cat eye" glasses! Classic indeed!!!

Happy Anniversary Duane and Luana!
Jonathan, Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige



That looks pretty close to my in-law's wedding pics. And they just celebrated...oh! 40 in Sept. I was thinking we were still in the late 30's. Oops! My mother-in-law wanted her wedding to be different so she had yellow and green for her colors. Not that she LIKED yellow and green...just did it to be different. Would you believe the next 5 weddings they went to were yellow and green? Moral of the story...stay with colors you like.


Well, all I can say is we sure were a skinny bunch. What happened???

Happy 40th, Lulu..if you read this! Glad your brood got to come home to celebrate. I can't believe you have 7+ grandchildren...& Paula isn't finished yet! :)


Karen Walden

8 already Mom!!!