Friday, October 5, 2007 we come!

It has been a busy week at the Walden household and we can't seem to find a place to slow down! We have been gone about every night and are heading to Kansas in the morning bright and early! No, we are not "off to see the wizard..." We are heading to see my aunt Carol and Uncle Garry and their three kiddos! (They met us at Disney World this summer for those of you that saw them in the pictures!)

Tonight we are going to a "Fall Festival" at our Christian School and they've promised good food, games and a hay ride! Parker can't wait! I don't really have the time to go but don't want to disappoint him so I will pack later! I have finally got my Mount Everest pile of laundry done and my wonderful Mom came to help me fold it all!! So... packing shouldn't be too horrible once I finally get started!!

Blogging will be scarce next week as we will be busy visiting and taking lots of pictures! They do have a computer and internet so I may try to post some of the time!

Wish us luck on our 8+ hour drive tomorrow! Parker gets extremely car sick and has thrown up 4 times before on this same trip! Makes for wonderful car odors.. His doctor said we can try a half of a Dramamine pill! (That should be fun trying to get that shoved down his throat without him throwing up!)

When we get back, revival will be in progress so we will be gone every night to that too! (The Cassady's will be our singers!)

Anyway, fall is in the air here and we are excited! I just love this time of year! Have a great weekend and I will be in touch!!



Have fun!!!!!


Enjoy your trip!


Have a wonderful time with the Wheeler's! I'm sure the babies will keep Aunt Carol entertained. Don't forget to go "visit" Mom & Dad. I wish I would have thought to give you money for flowers. If you want to change them I will pay you! :(



Have fun! And be sure to come back home :)