Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Having a fun day!

Today we went to the Louisburg Cider Mill! It was a really neat little trip for the kids and the weather was beautiful! We got to see where they make the cider, saw a huge pile of apples getting ready to be washed, and got to watch a lady make fresh cider donuts! They were "deewishish" according to Parker! They had pumpkins for sale and we just had to bring one home! (Like we don't have pumpkins back in Indiana, we have to haul one over 500 miles home!)

We grabbed lunch to go at McDonald's and headed to a local park. We swatted flies while trying to eat but it was the "atmosphere" that made it so much fun! After lunch the kids enjoyed the playground and then we headed home to see Daddy and the rest of the gang!

Here are a few pictures of our fun day with Aunt Carol!!


Angie Davis

Did Parker get his puppy? :)

Karen Walden

We don't know yet... We are still in Kansas but leaving in the morning! If he doesn't, there will be one VERY disappointed little boy on the long ride home! He has now named him "buddy" because he says they are best buddies!!! Awwwwwwh!


Looks like a fun day! We were going to go to one last Saturday but it was too hot! :) There is something wrong about going in 90 degree weather. LOL