Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's potty time...

On Tuesday, Mom was babysitting the kids while I was at work and caught Paige getting ready to go potty in her diaper. She rushed her to the bathroom and for the first time ever...Paige went #2 in the potty! Yea...
Yesterday, Paige went #1 in the potty for the first time ever for our babysitter! Yea again...
Last night and this morning I sat Peyton on the potty and he went #1 both times! Yea again...
Maybe we are finally going to get somewhere and get rid of these yucky diapers! (I seriously doubt they will be fully trained anytime soon but it is a step in the right direction!)
(Now... if we can only get Buddy potty trained, we will have one happy Mommy and Daddy!!!)


Gene Davis

Is it not amazing as parents what we get excited over!!!!! When you finish with your kids and your dog please feel free to come up and start on a certain blond haired blue eye darling (not my wife my son)!!!!

Nicole Cassady

We just finished the last bag of M&M's for Chloe....great little treat for every dry visit! I threw the wrapper away today.The next time she asked for one and I told her they were all gone....she said, "Okay!" I've not bought pull-ups for a long time now and that's a happy Hallelujah! It's worth it when the job is done, but what a terribly long & hard process! And with two for you......I'll pray for you! ;-)


They sell doggy diapers!!! LOL


You're gonna be one busy mommy! Hoping it goes well!


My oldest potty trained herself. So I always said I didn't claim to know how and proved it with my other two (they were much older due to big changes - my difficult pregnancy during the right time for one and a move and sister starting school for another). BUT I did follow my sister's advice and had very few accidents once they started wearing panties. I had the worst trouble with the one that I kept in diapers at night. I think Mommy's put alot of stress on themselves to get it done at or by a certain age. I refused to succumb to the stress :) I cannot imagine having to deal with two at once though. Imagine Bobbie McCaughey!

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I agree w/Sara. By the time they go to Kindergarten, no one remembers if they were 9 months or 3 when they trained anyway. ;) I wish I had been as relaxed with my first as I was with my second.

Besides - if you have to spend 60% of your day in the bathroom with them just to make sure they don't do it in their pants.... YOU are the one trained, not them. LOL :)

Once they are ready, it goes much easier on everyone. (Not that it still isn't hard!) Sounds like your little ones are well on their way! I admire you for having to do two at once. You're doing a good job. Remember. This too, shall pass. :)

ps, i deleted my first comment. it had a mistake. ;)

Angie Davis

I'm having NOOOOO luck with Kent! I'm not stressed yet...


Yeah! My little darling has very few accidents any more and she's only 2 1/2. I started potty training her just before she was 2 and it didn't take her long to catch on at all. We only
re-filled the bubble gum machine twice during the process so that was a great thing too. My boys weren't nearly as easy to train as she was and it took many re-fills before they caught on : ) Also, one suggestion, I clipped a timer to the back of my kids pull-ups and when the timer went off, they knew that it was time for them to come runnin'. You know how it is, you get busy and forget to take them, so it was a GREAT way for me to remember to take them every 10-15 minutes