Saturday, October 20, 2007

Does Jonathan want to be a stay at home Dad???

Not on your life... Next time you see him, ask him about his Saturday at home with our kids! Especially bath time... Hee Hee!! I have never seen anyone look so forward to Monday as he is today!!!
Okay... I will tell you what the twins did this evening in the tub! Jonathan thought he would do me a favor and throw them in the tub before meeting me and the Killinger's at Mexico Veijo! (It was pretty thoughtful of him!) Jonathan was in the kitchen doing dishes and the babies were having the time of their lives in the tub. He decided to go and check on them and you would not believe what he found! They had grabbed the trash can, which was sitting by the tub, and dumped its contents into the water! There was the trash can floating in the tub, several saturated diapers and wads of toilet paper! (Earlier today they had strung this huge stream of TP down the hall and Jonathan ended up throwing most of it in the trash! Hence the trash can full of toilet paper!) By now, the tub was full of shredded TP and he had a huge mess on his hands and was going to be extremely late to the restaurant! He finally got the twins out of the tub, left the water and mess and ended up at the restaurant extremely late!!! Let's just say, the kids were not on Daddy's good list on this here "Sweetest day!"
Jonathan was able to fix the problem with a little help from Mr Wet/Dry vac and the bathroom looks as good as new!
(What I had forgotten to tell Jonathan was that yesterday, they had dumped the contents of that same trash can into the toilet! I went swimming in toilet water! I would much rather have been playing in tub water!)
Lesson #1: Leave the bathroom doors shut 24/7 at the Walden household.
Lesson #2: Never put anything in our trash cans!
Lesson #3: Don't do dishes while the twins are in the tub! It is amazing what they can accomplish in 5 minutes!!!



Thanks for the laugh!

We had to keep our bathroom doors shut AND kiddie proof the door handles so they couldn't get in. They are always one step ahead, aren't they?


Oh my, that is SO funny! :) I mean, from an outsider's perspective anyway. I did feel a twinge of sympathy for Jonathan. LOL

Leighton has always readily admitted he could never do the SAHD thing (even now that our kids are past the destructible days). :)

Jody J

Oh, my! Would love to have been a little mouse in the house that day!


And the term DOUBLE TROUBLE has truly become reality, right?!!? I remember similar stories from my sister (her twins are now 15 and don't make toilet paper messes :) Do you think you need to join a twin support group? loL!

Angie Davis

My little cherubs just prefer to put all the water on the floor. :) I bet it's a snowy day in July before he volunteers for bathtime AND dishes again...

Gene Davis

Poor Jonathan!!!!! The man is a saint!! I am not hearing much sympathy come from this blog site only evil all should be ashamed.


Ah, the men.....they have to stick together huh?

We do sympathize, Gene, but it is also very amusing to those of us who have been there!

I WAS a very nice and thoughtful gesture on your part, Jonathan, thinking all this would save Karen some work and time after she got home from a full day at work. We applaud you for trying.

*now I must go gag myself* j/k


As I read this post, I didn't think the contents in the tub would be as "clean" as what they were, HA! My kids have "done their job" in the tub while they were potty training and it was REALLY gross to go in and check on them and see ...... floating in the tub, YUCK!!! I bet Jonathan was happy it was un-used toliet paper?! HA!

Karen Walden

Gene, don't give him too much praise! He'll think he's "all that!" (You didn't see my house after he was home all weekend!)

Jonathan Walden

I think Gene is my new best friend, he always can see it from my side of the fence. Gene, next time you are in town, lets meet for treat!


They look so angelic in the picture (<:

Steve Hight

Hey, Jon, can I be your friend, too? It was GREAT of you to try to help Karen. It was so SAD that you had to clean up such a mess. I think at the very least the governor should give you the highest possible Indiana medal -- Order of the Wabash, or something like that.

I like fish instead of steak, though.....