Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, we like Pumpkins...

We took the kids on Saturday afternoon for our annual "pumpkin patch" photo shoot! This year was even more difficult to get three sets of eyes looking at the camera. We didn't even try for three smiles!!! Hope everyone is having a nice fall now that the weather is finally cooperating!



The pictures of your kids in the pumpkin patch are so cute! We took our baby grandson the other week and he fell asleep as we pulled in to park. So, we're going to try it again this week:)


Great pictures! I think you got some cute ones. Sometimes the more "natural" ones are better than them all looking at the camera & smiling anyway. I think you did good! :)


Wish we had a place like that here, but we don't. Oh, there's a pumpkin patch but nothing decorated like this good enough for picture-taking!

Angie Davis

I love it! We need to get some good pumpkin pictures, but Kent seems to think he needs to bite into them. Blech!

Sherry Gates

how nice! makes me homesick! we used to take the school kids out there for trips and it was fun!


Cute fall pics. And since I'm just catching up, congrats to the new puppy owners. Is the crying at night getting any better? Bryson is beggibg us for a dog and we are considering it. I'm NOT an animal lover, but am out-voted on this one. Like Jonathon, I probably will give in. :)

Karen Walden

Tamra... let me just say, think twice before caving in like we did!! The puppy is cute but such a pain with our schedules! Everyone says to give it a chance and it will get better. He still cries at night and has ended up in the garage every single night! Parker is so cute with him though and does really good taking him outside!


Karen, it does get better...really it does. But it does take lots of patience! He'll get used to your schedules and used to being alone at night and he'll end up being a breeze to care for. Have you tried putting him in his kennel during the day when your home and keeping him in the same room with you? That way he's getting used to being in the kennel without being alone and he'll eventually get used to it even when you're not in the same room.


I guess it's getting that time of year...we need to get our kiddos to a pumpkin patch. I always think it's so far away. Now, I'm off to dig up the clothes for the photo shoot :)

Jonathan Walden

Don't let anyone convince you that kids NEED a dog! It is just like a toy to them and you know how long they are entertained by a new toy! Do yourself a favor and get him another baseball glove or basketball! Or, if you are still tempted, give us a call and rent "Buddy" for the weekend!


LOL - a rent-a-dog!!

Karen Walden

I bet you could get a really cheap deal Tamra!!!