Friday, October 12, 2007

Drumroll please...........

Parker is the winner!! Yea! Sorry Gene and Angie! Don't give Jonathan too hard of a time, he isn't a big softie, just a great daddy!!! He has already let us know that he is not doing anything to help take care of this furry friend! Parker and the twins are thrilled with the new addition and Mommy is okay with it as long as it doesn't make messes!

"Buddy" is only 2 pounds and would quickly freeze to death outside. (No comments Jonathan or Davis family!) We have a kennel for him to stay in and last night he cried himself to sleep in the kitchen! We did not give in and go get him!

Parker was so cute with Buddy that his Daddy couldn't resist caving! :) What a great daddy! Parker told him thank you for letting him bring Buddy home and Jonathan just smiled! The only bad thing is these dogs seem to live forever! (Although most of them don't grow up around my rowdy 1 1/2 year old twins!)

So...the Walden family has grown again, the only way possible!!! Now, lets all start pressuring the Davis' to get Connor one more birthday present!!!



Congrats Parker!! I figured you'd be the one to win. It's hard to resist big brown pleading eyes, isn't it Jonathan....and especially after the prayer he prayed.

Karen, a 2-pound puppy inside will be easy! Carol and family have probably done a lot of his house training for you already! I have a friend who has a miniature schnauzer who is 20 pounds and just adorable. My girls have decided they would rather have one that little rather than the 2 horses we have outside.

Gene Davis

What does Jonathan get out of this? He should get some really expensive BMW, new Computer system.......For being such a great Dad and Husband everyone should be really nice to him for lets say 20 years.


Phhhewt! He gets that satisfaction of knowing he made his son really, really happy! Isn't that enough, Gene?

Karen Walden

How could he explain Parker's prayers not being answered if he would not have let him take him home?! What would that do to Parker's faith??? :)

Jonathan Walden

Gene is right! I have negotiated to the following;
1. Never do anything with the puppy
2. Concrete basketball court for the backyard
3. I get to make the next 5 BIG decisions!
4. and Parker has promised to be a good boy for the rest of his life!

Wished I would have thought of the BMW though...I could use a 760Li or M5 sedan!

Karen Walden

I have never heard you mention #3! You couldn't fit all of your kiddos into a BMW! Sorry!!!

Jonathan Walden

Neither the kids nor the puppy are allowed in the BMW! You saw what they did yesterday on the 10-hour drive home :-{


Yay for Parker! Every kid needs a puppy.
You are right, Karen. These dogs do seem to live forever. Our Sassy has been with us over ten years and she is just half Chihuahua. Her mother lived for a long time.

These dogs are smart though. Buddy should be easy to train.

Have fun with the new addition to the family!


Im so happy for Parker:-) Ill hafta come over & see the little mutt! Lol I know he will have tons of fun with Buddy

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I'm gonna laugh when Jonathan actually becomes attached to Buddy! I think it will happen eventually...

#2 - Really? At least a dog is feasible. If you have homeowner's association I'm sure they'd have something to say about that one.

Now we need to know what the kids and dog did on the 10-hour drive home. ;O)

Sorry Jonathan and Gene...I do believe you are the minority here.

*above removed post was mine due to typo - I'm neurotic like that*


Yay Parker!!!


Good grief...I actually ran home on my lunch break to find out the verdict! You do know that does make babysitting rates go higher! :) J/K

Karen Walden

The puppy had a slight accident on Parker's lap before we got to St Louis! We didn't know it and Parker found it on his hand while trying to buckle his seatbelt for the 2nd round of the trip! Guess who got to clean it up!?! MOMMY! Gross! I "thought" I got it all and Jonathan found another tiny bit when we got home and were unloading! Let me say, he is in love with Buddy already! Especially since we weren't home 5 minutes and he peed on Parker's bed!!! Jonathan's exact words... "Stupid dog!" I immediately began a load of laundry!!! Smiling...

Sherry Gates

I actually sort of agree with Jonathan...a puppy will change your life. I mean there are times we hurry home so we can get him out of the laundry room! I am actually the one who really wanted the free lab and Daniel reminds me of that~often~ but the dog loves Daniel the best! Daniel is so sweet though. He said he could not refuse me and I didn't even beg...very much!

Jenny's Mom

Way to go Parker!!!

Gene Davis

I think I would have said "Dead Dog!"

Angie Davis

Connor keeps reminding us that the PERFECT present is a puppy. I actually adore the Puggles, but I think I'm way too neurotic to have a critter in the house. Guess we'll just come visit and watch Buddy pee on your furniture. Yeah, I'm good with that. :)


Awww, Jonathan. Be nice. It's a puppy who is learning and marking it's territory. When Parker was being potty trained he no doubt had accidents too and I bet you didn't say that!

I hereby award Karen the prize for the most comments ever in such a short period of time! This doggy business is important stuff and since he can't take up for himself we all have to do it for him.

Sherry Gates

I hope Jacob doesn't EVER see this and go after ya'll to support him in his quest to get an Iguana! EEEWWW!!!!!! I Am soft. Daniel is a little bit but is not giving an inch!


I think Karen wanted the puppy just as much as Parker :) I want a puppy but NOT in the house. I'm also having trouble trying to find a breed that is cute but not grow up to be humungous and obnoxious. Does anyone know if an outdoor will keep mice away? lol! I'd gladly trade a few cats...

Karen Walden

Mr Buddy got put in the garage at 3am last night due to his loud crying and begging to get out! It was all we could take... We could still hear him crying in the garage! Next step it outside and it is pretty chilly for a 2 lb dog...
Sara, this is my first dog EVER and I have no suggestions for you! (Except, maybe don't cave like we did!!!) Surely someone else has some suggestions for you! I don't blame you for wanting to get rid of cats! Ugh.... don't care for them at all!


He'll stop crying soon once he gets used to it. May take 4 or 5 days but it will end, I promise. :o)LOL - Our yellow lab literally howled like a hound dog and it was torture. He finally gave up after 3 or 4 days. You can always try putting a cheap clock in his kennel with him. I've heard the ticking resembles the mommy's heartbeat and makes them feel secure. Dunno - I've never tried it.

Sara - our yellow lab has killed 2 mice out back. I guess they are coming up from the field out back...we haven't had any problems inside but I wonder if he hadn't been out there if maybe we would.


Jonathan... How could you? After spending so many wonderful days with my parents' poodles?? To try and deny your own flesh and blood of this very important childhood experience?? ... ... Ok... I so can not see you with a dog in the house.. Funny, really. Congrats Parker!!!

Karen Walden

Todd: Buddy has no idea how close he already is to being a "garage dog!" :) (Both of our ideas!)


This post and all the comments are too cute!! I'm glad that Parker got to get a puppy. Like so many others said, every little boy needs one. I hope it all works out. At first, it can get very annoying with the constant barking and accidents, but believe me, it does get better!


I'm glad those dog (and other pets) days are over for us!! I like dogs but don't want the trouble any more.